Players To Go For Before The Deposit Bonus

  • Who do you think? I'm thinking maybe of players maybe who may have pb value in the coming weeks with the resumption of Bundesliga? Maybe players who have plateaued or on a dip but could be due a spike with transfers round corner? Out of contract players? Who do you think?

  • I am reinvesting divs in players which did not have a massive growth during the last 30 days, such as Vlasic and Morgan Sanson, but are due a growth for PB potential, transfer rumors, CL/EL, Euro2021

  • Raheem sterling for me. Has dipped a lot...was out of form before the break but think the break will do him the world of good... madness when you see sterling less than half the price of Sancho, bellingham and the likes not far off him and only 25 arguably one of Englands most important players for the euros and potentially could force a move if city dont overhaul the euros ban.

    Have topped up recently myself but keen to get more involved as well... it's actually where I'm hoping to put my bonus returns into as well.

  • Topped up on Sterling myself. His price is very cheap atm

  • @BlameItOnTraore I hear you on Raheem. He used to be a real media darling when he was tattooing guns on his body. Not getting a look in at minute. His time will come again I'm sure. I think he needs a dip or 2 more for me to get involved.

  • @Dalian-Smith true...just not sure how much lower he can go. Screams value for me but again it depends on the masses.

    His time will rise again with media, his agent likes to talk up a move, wouldn't surprise me if Madrid came looking...he was talking last month about a return to Liverpool even which i can't ever see happening but already starting to make the right noises. Goalscoring record has been quality in fairness as well going under the radar...a few good games and he'll rocket id say just a case of when. Wouldn't mind some more transfer speculation Aswell 💪 happy if he doesn't rise much more til i get the bonus payout but either way have a decent holding in him now.

  • @BlameItOnTraore So hard to see where the media is coming from. I'm so tired of the United biased media. Liverpool and Man City have been the 2 stand out teams of the last 2 seasons yet we never seem to hear about any of them much. You'd think Graeme Souness could pick a fight with at least one of them.

    I feel for folk holding Sterling. He should be in the thick of MB going into the Euros with England. The England side of it is a big loss to his price.

  • Ah he'll come back around. If he doesn't straight away he will by next year... I'm happy to hold for next seasons euros and world cup following year if needs be.

    He's around 2quid down from peak Aswell.

    Still hopeful he forces a move myself 💪

  • @BlameItOnTraore I'd expect him to look very cheap to the market should premiership return. Hopefully that is soon. Not sure on Sterling moving mind with Sane looking like he's moving.

  • Nice little bit of movement in him over last 24hrs. I'm in profit on him now after being down. Bought about 10 shares last year when new enough to the platform... pointless i know but thankfully one of my better mistakes as the loss wasn't as much as if i got a decent amount of him.

    Have 127 shares now at average of 5.90 so heading in the right direction. Still see Sterling as a potential £10 player by the euros next year... potentially sooner if his form picks up to previous standards.

    Although as a Liverpool fan it hurts a bit as i dislike him but also know he has no loyalty to City and agent will be hounding around looking for a better deal for him which should bring decent media 💪

  • 0_1587298370942_Screenshot_20200419-131218.png Interesting to see where pre deposit money is going. Looks to be going into short term flips.

  • @Dalian-Smith still find it mad people buying Rooney...when he could retire anytime soon and wont play in a pb league. But hey he's storming the media today i guess if you time it right fair play. Bit too high risk for me.

  • 0_1587299151451_Screenshot_20200419-132517.png @BlameItOnTraore He's not been too bad an investment if you got on at right time. He's made some good dividends over the season and there's been a good few opportunities to get out of positions. Not always easy with guys of that price. I think the worry maybe with all the media he's doing he's looking for a career outside of playing. That would be a concern.

  • I intend to go higher end myself. Yes lots of bargains low down but they could be essentially trapped in your Portfolio until spreads return to normal. At least with premium players there will always be buyers even in a flatter market. I do think there will be a bit of a reality check post bonus period, even if no substantial dip.

    So my tips would be Neymar (will surely rise when football finally returns) and Mbappe (great market sentiment and lots tipping him on Twitter today to be the next £10 player).

  • Europa league and champions league still to play and leagues all mixed with transfer spec, its a minefield right now imo.
    I’m not doing much at all apart from reinvesting divs, my port is almost the same as it was 3 months ago.

    The new new season is miles off yet.

  • @Dalian-Smith you could do worse to jump on the guy just above him there as well; Rodrigo Moreno, he's cheap and is bound to have more transfer links.

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