L Hernandez & Odegaard

  • Thoughts on these 2?

    L Hernandez - is he a starter for Bayern? Not much PB in that team with Davies starting LB imo but noticed a few people mentioning him.

    Odegaard - quite expensive, he all that? Don’t understand the rise. Surely if doesn’t get a loan move he’ll drop loads bench warming at Real?!

  • Can’t see them calling odegaard back to sit on
    Bench will either go on loan again or come into squad to play games he’s got massive potential big couple years for him I hold and am hoping if anything he stays on loan for another season and if Norway make euros he has a good tournament before a return to Madrid .

  • Odeegard has got another 12 months on loan where he’s the main man in the team. Looking likely he’ll have CL experience next year also.

    Hard to see him not getting into the Madrid Squad after another season if he keeps up what he’s been doing. Have a look online at some of his form this season. Has huge potential I think

  • Ive been meaning to bring up odegaard last couple of days. What is the reason behind the timing behind the rise this last week? I get it's a 2 year loan, but why now the rise? I'm a holder so this is good news. But it's an unexpected rise so I want to know why

  • He was sold off in big numbers at the start of the month, he was just coming back to his price but has continued to rise. Worth noting he’s still below his peak, wouldn’t be surprised if he moves over £4 this week.

  • I see the Bayern back four (when all options are fit!) As Davies, Sule, Hernandez and Pavard. So yes he starts but I'd rate him 3rd or 4th in terms of PB out of those 4.

    Falls into the category of a very good player whom has the disadvantage of better PB players in his own team.

  • @DW This is a good point. See more value in Pavard at the moment, Davies must be reaching his limit.

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