Anyone not holding Kane?

  • Hey Guys

    Is there anyone out there that is not holding futures in Kane?

    It would be interesting to know the reason behind not owning him....



  • @AndyP32 I'm not. I don't think he offers the same mb and pb threat that salah and ronaldo do atm so I would rather have more salah and ronaldo than kane at present

  • I'm not either, I have done but have made much more investing in others such as Pogba and Salah

  • I am in a bit of a dilemma at the is what i am holding in Kane:

    50 futures
    Cost = £7.90
    Value = £9.86

    Keep or sell and re-invest in someone else?

  • I sold all my Kanes, I personally think he is too expensive and if England go out of the WC he will drop bigtime and I didn't want to take the risk.

  • Only you can decide what's right for you really Andy. He's very likely to keep rising in price as the World Cup approaches and also to pick up some media dividends along the way. You might be able to get more elsewhere of course. At some point there will be a sell off I imagine. Hard to say whether that will be pre-WC, when it starts or not until England look like going out. The main thing to say is whatever you do, do not instant sell! Don't think there will be a shortage of buyers at any point in the next few weeks.

    Oh and sorry to repeat myself on here but it doesn't matter what you paid, only whether you think he's heading up or down in relation to the market!

  • @BL__FI I agree with not instant's currently £9.56 (less 2%) which will bring it down to 9.37 whereas i can sell them to the market for £9.85 !!

  • I think he's still got a sharp rise in him, once the domestic season is over I can see him winning MB every other day. Remember it'll be triple media days for a good few weeks before WC kicks off and Kane should be in and around the top 3 most days.
    I'll be looking to sell a couple of days before our first game as it'll get far too risky then

  • I think he's probably at his peak price for now. Unless he moves to a big club can't see him going stratospheric. England will be out of WC by the second week, so that's covered.
    A summer of transfer speculation or and a bog move would see his rise higher, but for now I think that's it.

  • Used to, sold whilst injured and think he is overpriced at the moment hence not bought back, can see a huge drop to £7ish after the WC so risks are more than possible gains

  • @NewUser104652 Totally agree once we're out the WC he'll suffer badly. What price do you think he'll fall to btw? I can see as low as £8

  • @Blue-Python Not sure... just don't think he's 'sexy' enough to attract the big buzz without a move to a Real/Barcelona/either of the manchesters
    if he's stable and staying at spurs that means no buzz, which means no rise.
    until PB kicks in in the autumn... even then there is no guarantee.

  • How much MB will Kane get from now until the knockout stages of the WC. We must be able to get out of our group....
    I have a small holding and plan to keep for now.

  • Not guaranteed that Kane will drop significantly in price once the World Cup is over, particularly if:

    1/ England do quite well and get knocked out at say the semi-final stage, with Kane scoring regularly and getting close to the golden boot; or

    2/ Real Madrid / Barcelona transfer rumours kick in again over the Summer.

    Ronaldo is clearly much better at delivering MBs and PBs than Kane (at the moment), but he's 33 and has one or at most two good seasons left in him. If anything, I would be more worried about Ronaldo crashing in price over the next 12 months. One long term injury could be the end of his career.

  • Lol how long have you got??

  • For me he would have been a better buy if spurs dont qualify for CL which now looks like they will. If spurs in im CL he stays for another year at least. He media buzz seems poor. All this said im sure he will rise steadily up until WC starts as long as he's scoring for spurs.

  • I think Kane's a long term hold in most peoples portfolios.... if not he should certainly be...

    still only 24 the only thing that will stop him challenging Alan Shearer's record is if he gets a big overseas move to La Liga and that would be food and drink to everyone on here as that will see his price rise even further with the boosted interest in him. It's simple, if he keeps scoring goals his price will keep rising and there's no reason to suggest that will stop anytime soon.

    He's top buzz for England, top buzz for Spurs with the world at his feet so why wouldn't you invest? Ok he's expensive but if you want the best, Ferrari, Gucci, Armani, you have to pay those prices.... I think he's more of a gamble than a £5 player (obviously) but in more of a gamble you should take more of the reward. A certainty for me... I brought him at 7.19 and I believe he'll be upwards of 10.00 by Russia.

  • I think Mbappe is a better investment than Kane.

  • I think Dele Alli is a better investment.... But that was not the question!!!

  • @NewUser104652

    In terms of an increase in share price, perhaps. Mbappe's share price could double more easily than Kane's.

    But definitely not in terms of dividends. Kane's total dividend since 1st Nov is 64p vs Mbappe's 12p. Plus Mbappe will play second fiddle (both in MB and PB terms) at PSG once Neymar is back from injury.

    Kane is no. 1 for club and country - although that could change if he leaves Spurs this Summer.

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