Potential Free Bets

  • I’ve found a couple of youth players at 9/10 month lows who look like they’ve bottomed out and bought 400 in each.

    Bobby Duncan at £1.09
    Jonathan Burkardt at 59p

    They both look like they can’t drop much lower. In fact they’ve now both risen a couple of pence.

    With teams likely to be using youth players on rotation does anyone else have any players at lows like this that could be used in squad rotation when the season restarts. I think they have the potential to be a no lose bet.

  • I stumbled across Elliot Embleton yesterday seems.a good young talent at Sunderland and only 41p

  • @THFC1972 I would be careful of him, although probably too late. When I joined just over a year ago their was the odd mention on the forum about him. Maybe one of the forum old timers could fill in the details?

    I think the IPO got messed up, price stuck, or inflated, or too many shares issued etc. Something caused his price to drop on the one year graph from £1.23 to 30p. If IPO messed up also not sure what his true bottom price is.

  • I don’t see any up side in either of them 🤷‍♂️

  • Embleton was IPO'd at 3x the price he should have been. Basically broke the system and there were no IPO's for ages after that. He was sat in the top 200 for months and doubt there was one future of his owned. Think he eventually got re IPO'd at 40p.

  • @Tincan - maybe not in the short term but there’s very little downside.

    Pre season is always notorious for a rise in youngsters. As you can see from their graphs a year ago. Always good to be ahead of the trend.

    Keanen Bennetts could be another although I don’t hold yet.

  • @Martyn-B Cheers for the info as didn't now about that as only joined 27th January and noticed some big purchases yesterday so researched him a bit and liked what I saw so songs be going mad after star you said, thanks again appreciate it coming from one of the most respected reform users in my view.

  • @FI-Ads true but thats mainly due to hype, I Duncan was still at Liverpool I'd say yes, but who's going to be watching Fiorentina youth team or pre season friendlies? Personally wouldn't touch Duncan but good luck.

  • @THFC1972 If the IPO price was around 40p then maybe the purchases of the past 24 hours are the only ones on the market? Not sure if he is part of the Netflix documentary which may cause some interest? Or part of a pump and dump? Good luck with him.

  • @Martyn-B Luckily I liked the footage and few clips I watched so let's watch this space

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