Rashford Fit

  • So as holder through the injury rashford is declared fit for training could we see another surge in price or we think that he’s at ceiling for the time being ? Maybe that was factors into his price in the last surge ?

  • Should get a few articles for returning to training, he has a podcast coming out tomorrow with scholes, that should get him in the media for a couple of days.

  • @NallyCat yeh seen that few stories leaked today but I think he may be in top 5 for next two days maybe

  • Rashford has plenty of growth yet! Was in great form for Utd before injury was arguably keeping Sancho out the England starting XI at the time and all the while was living off the scraps Fred and Matic was feeding him! I’m very excited to hear his comments today about wanting to be the best winger in the world that would be lovely for his PB rather than playing as no 9 and gonna have Bruno putting balls through for him all day to run onto 😍

  • @Lloyddavies he should see his real rise once football starts again. He was scoring for fun before he got injured, and that was without Pogba/Fernandes in the team. Imagine the damage he could do with both of them in midfield.

    If he hits the ground running on his return he’ll probs get close to £7 is what I’m guessing

  • Rashford will always rise when the others do! Kane rises or Sancho rises it then makes Rashford become appealable. He has £9 written all over him. 22 years old and still to find his peak I feel, he’s still working out if he’s a winger or striker lol when he does he’s gonna be even better

  • What’s he going to get to? Looking strong!

  • @Archer22 Buy now and it gets you to the 2022 world cup when he will be what 25 tops. Baring injuries what price would he be then? In fact....here comes a POLL.

  • @Archer22 £9 by end of season potentially I feel

  • @AML-Trading that sounds high! Dont get me wrong as I would be happy with that as I hold but do you see the likes of Mbappe and Kane rising at the same rate?

  • @JQ88 it could be high mate yeah, but the way others are rising it can only be good for Rashford, I said before Rashford is a bit of a darling and if Sancho,neymar,pogba,bacon Mbappe or others rise Rashford always catches them up eventually just takes time. That’s my opinion anyway, could be wrong

  • @JQ88 both will rise - don't forget with have both the Euros and World cups within the next 3 years. So you have a double chance of a decent spike - maybe even 2. All 3 players mentioned should if there is no more share splits be knocking on the door if not through a tenner.

  • @AML-Trading I personally think he should currently be somewhere approaching £8 in the current market looking at Sancho, Bruno and Pogba considering his comparitive value, risk, dividends and potential returns

  • Perhaps Mason Greenwood longer term cap app can be used as a comparison to this sudden realisation on Rashford's potential price.

  • Apologies as this is a Rashford thread but does anyone think Sterling or Abraham are also a bit undervalued at their current prices? I am looking at putting more on 1 of those 2 before Thursday but have ummed and ahhed about which one. Your advice would be welcome gents!

  • @JQ88 i hold these two as well as Rashford and personally i think Abraham is starting to look very undervalued especially as hes dipped so much. Sterling i bought at £6.80 and thought he was undervalued then but has turned into a very frustrating hold this season. I think he has the potential to be seen as Englands best player of our generation but hos form this season hasnt reflected that so it all depends if he can resurrect last seasons form and build on it further

  • Rashford finally getting some sort of parity on FI in terms of price compared to his peers.
    Been banging on how he was so lowly priced at under 4 quid just a little while ago. Been worth holding.

    Think theres even more room for improvement as it’s clearly evident he can win mb. Pb shouldn’t be a problem moving forward as Utd finally seem to have a midfield that’s actually creative now.

  • @Black-wolf cheers mate, going to see what the next day or so holds and grab a hundred in one of those 2 I think, more than likely Abraham as Sterling will require me to deposit more money!

  • He’s just become a 200% man for me 🚀🚀🚀

  • @JQ88 thats where i would put it and im dhowing no favouritism for one over the other i just think Abraham has a lot more growth in him and infact could be next to rise due to price comparisons between Kane, Rashford and Sterling

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