• Im thinking of buying Martial. I think he will get more service with Pogba & fernandes in midfield + if sancho comes in he loves an assist.

    What do you guys think?

  • @Webby me personally would hold off until we get a definite date of the prem returning. He will get goals if he continues his form,not to mention rashford and pogba will he back to provide more ammo for him. He's shite for MB so would have to be reliant on ipd's and a bit of cap app through form.

  • @Webby I’ve just gone in with 200 this morning. With the 8.25% an united players on the up... think he’s very cheap. Will get MB when he plays. Think he’s won a few this season after games

  • i hold 300 of him , i actually think when hes on his game hes a better player than rashford at less than half his price its just a shame he doesnt show the same passion but only 24 can only go up once utd start winning.

  • Sold 132 yesterday took me nearly a month to get out with a small loss. Probably most at risk and no chance of winning PB or MB unless he completely turns everything around

  • Poor for PB, distinctly poor for MB considering he's a Manchester United centre forward.

    He's boring, kind of like being stuck in a lift with a few of the goons from the forum.

    He's not for me. 👍

  • One of my buys that I'm not sure was good or not. He is slightly down but I will keep and sell on a spike

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