Players with inflated WC value

  • Who do we think are the players that are too aggressively priced because of their value due to the WC? In other words who do we think will suffer the biggest % drops after they're KO'd
    I'll start off with a couple; Kane and Golovin

  • Gabriel Jesus for me. Overpriced & Overated for FI purposes & Brazil won’t win the WC... (my bold prediction).

  • Timo Werner has doubled in val since Jan which is frustrating as I had a few looks at him but never invested.

    The problem with Werner is that he's German and not that glamorous for the buzz department (despite his obvious quality) and most likely the top German players who don't play for Bayern or BvB end up going there in the transfer windows which also has a negative effect on buzz.

    If he gets an EPL move i'll eat my words (because his price will soar even more temporarily off the back of it) but I think he's currently overpriced so if he moves in the summer to anywhere else bar England off the back of a good world cup it would really be dependent on 'where he goes' to see the impact it will have on his value.

  • Depends on summer transfers really. There are a lot of players with value tied to that not just world cup.

    If he doesnt move to england, griezemann is the standout. His obvious comparators at barca would be suarez and coutinho. If you assume they will both drop after the world cup then it looks a long way down for griezeman.

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