Nico Elvedi

  • Evening all, after some detailed analysis of my portfolio today to establish where to put the balance of my pre deposit bonus funds, I decided to focus on younger players who haven’t had a big bounce yet. Research led me to Nico Elvedi;

    23 years old
    CD - feel centre backs are currently under valued on the index and could benefit from future matrix tweaks
    Borussia M’bach - good signs that Germany could be first country to resume
    Swiss - currently back up to central defensive partnership in national team but getting more and more caps and could benefit by Euros being 2021
    120 PB average based on 35 games
    Looking at graph has been on a dip with very minimal recovery - currently £1.04 down from high of approx £1.40

    Be interested no know people’s thoughts?

  • Young solid long term hold for me, his contract is up in 2021 so there could potentially be some transfer links.

    *2022 according to bild, transfermarkt says 2021.

  • Looks to have a great future. Apparently he extended his contract until Summer 2022

  • @wolves86 I also did quite a large amount of research and he was the only one in the £1-2 bracket I came across recently that is young and hadn't risen substantially. Glad to see my research was reproducible.

  • I picked up on Elvedi as well. He seems very good value at the moment. Most of the bundesliga players are recovering from their covid-19 drops but Elvedi hasn’t yet. Only a matter of time....

  • I've made decent profit on him in the past. Looks a decent player with regular transfer links.

    Was always a good PB contender before the matrix changes. But this is based on gladbach's style of play. He could pop out 100 passes a game and that is how these sorts of players would always be up there in the PB ranks. If he was to move, or there's a change of manager then those stats might not hold up. Something always worth consideration when looking at past PB scores.

    So could benefit from any matrix changes but a center back making shit tons of sideways passes isn't a more worthy winner than a fullback whipping in a load of dangerous crosses...imo.

  • put him on the watchlist at £1.23, bought x400 at £1.02

  • Thanks for the heads up on this one lads and just bought in...

  • @Karl

  • Hi all! Sorry I made a separate thread asking about Elvedi without realising this thread existed. Really helpful info, he looks like a bargain to me as he's still at least 10p off where he should be. Investment incoming. Thanks again!

  • I jumped on Elvedi a week ago at 1.04, and can see him rising a bit more if the Bundesliga announce their return. Seemed very good value considering his peak and also his average PB.

    I have also been looking at Frankfurt players as it looks like if the Bundesliga returns, they’ll have a single match day in early April which is very enticing to me. Someone who has caught my eye is Almamy Toure who is 23 years old and has recently broken into the first team at full back. He has played 18 games and has a Pb average of 85.67 and a PB max of 181, and has previously won dividends. At 73p I have bought 100 today but may be topping up as he seems great value when compared to other players.

    Please do your own research, there’s plenty of value out there on other players, but I felt like buying these ones.

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