Manchester United Academy

  • One for the Manchester United fans.

    Is this the best side to come through our famed academy?


    Anyone else who we think deserves to be in?

  • Not with Gary Neville playing sweeper 😂

  • @chaps1988 we assuming it's not Phil Neville? lol

  • @chaps1988 not my side - it's from the Manchester Evening News.

    Obviously, I'd have him on the right of the 3 at the back.

    Rashford for Hughes? 🤔

    Not sure.

    Gary Walsh or Tom Heaton for Henderson?

  • Can they really claim Beckham? Was he not part of the Tottenham academy from 1987 to 1991 - just asking ........... Because it means, in my logic, they nicked him after Spurs did the initial hard work. For the record not a Spurs or Utd fan.

  • @Gary-T most definitely claim Beckham. To not do so, would be like West Ham claiming John Terry.

  • Shows my age that I've only seen 5 of those play...Heaton over Henderson maybe but that's just cause he's had a longer career

  • @Ericali I think you will find that is Yeovil lol

  • @Gary-T said in Manchester United Academy:

    @Ericali I think you will find that is Yeovil lol

    No I definitely mean West Ham - there for 4 years before becoming a professional 😉


  • Found this interesting article on the famed Manchester United academy. Truly remarkable.

    link to When Leeds Uniteds Less Famed Academy Took On Beckham Et Al

  • No Jesse lingard ? 😳

  • @TDOG said in Manchester United Academy:

    No Jesse lingard ? 😳

    Would be interesting to do the opposite, Lingard, Wanny Delbeck, Macheda etc

  • @Ericali one to you, not Yeovil. But I would say 4 at WH and 3 at C in the youths so for me WH win the prize before the big money lured him away. As with all these players if they didn't break into football further down the pyramid they might not have had the career they had. Chelsea could afford to drag him away but that initial break came at WH , Man Utd was the pull for Becks but the initial start was Spurs. Another example could be Theo Walcott - everyone thinks Arsenal or Southampton but he initially started at Swindon. I would question how many of the current Man Utd, Man City, Liverpool etc academy boys actually started at these clubs. In this current climate, more than ever before, it shows the importance of the football pyramid and making sure it survives and if we don't support teams further down we might not find these gems in the future or if the clubs actually survive. I know that is not the crux of your opening statement but does lead from one subject into another debate fairly easily. I am sure there are loads of examples where the big boys come in and nick the talent after the initial hard work has been done by the "lesser" teams but to start claiming them as their own is a bit rich in my view. Not knocking you @Ericali because I think it is a great subject open to general debate but as a lower league team supporter it is hard to swallow the talent that flows out of your club on the promise of great riches. I think for everyone 1 superstar there will be hundreds that fall through the cracks and if they had stayed where they were initially they may of had a professional career.

  • @Gary-T I think Spurs can't take credit for his development either (Beckham) as 2 other local clubs that had him for 2 years a piece.


    I'd personally deem a youth player by the first team he actually signed professional contracts with & that's probably what the rest of Football deems a youth player too.

    I understand a bit of what your a saying, but 99% of young lads first team was a local one so it effectively would give no players as qualifying as a youth product.

  • @Ericali Agree to a certain extent, and we all have our own views and that is what makes football such a good platform for discussion, but the way I see it, and I have coached/managed kids and adults, your learning really only begins when you take that first initial step inside a professional club.

  • @Ericali some great players to miss out that list, Nicky butt was great servant along with Wes brown, Jonny Evans.

  • @Gary-T Agree with a lot of what you have said. Younger kids are restricted by travelling time as to who they can sign for but this is increased once they go into youth football at u13 level.

    I believe there should be a small percentage levied on premier league transfers until such point that academies at all levels at least have decent facilities to work with. A lot of lower league academies facilities are local school mud baths.

  • For what it's worth you have to acknowledge where a player has come from. As much as you can claim Henderson, without the work Carlisle put in to his development, he would never have been signed without the work they did. He is a protege of the United academy, just as Carlisle can claim him as part of their system.

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