Attempting to trim a 20 player port down to 12 - help required please!!

  • Currently have a 20 player port. Want to trim down to about 12 players but finding it so difficult! Anyone stand out to get rid of cheers?

    Have added the price I jumped on board at and the P/L to try and make it easier!!! Help I’m struggling :)

    Victor Osimhen x 50 Cost £2.30 (£115.00) Value £2.72 (£136.00) P/L +£0.42 (+£21.00)
    Sandro Tonali x 100 Cost £2.67 (£267.00) Value £2.65 (£265.00) P/L -£0.02 (-£2.00)
    Luis Alberto x 80 Cost £2.39 (£148.18) Value £2.39 (£148.18) P/L £0.00 (£0.00)
    Milot Rashica x 62 Cost £2.33 (£144.46) Value £2.34 (£145.08) P/L +£0.01 (+£0.62)
    Moussa Diaby x 40 Cost £2.18 (£87.20) Value £2.33 (£93.20) P/L +£0.15 (+£6.00)
    Marcel Sabitzer x 73 Cost £2.15 (£156.95) Value £2.29 (£167.17) P/L +£0.14 (+£10.22)
    Emi Buendia x 40 Cost £2.15 (£86.00) Value £2.22 (£88.80) P/L +£0.07 (+£2.80)
    Wylan Cyprien x 71 Cost £1.97 (£139.87) Value £2.16 (£153.36) P/L +£0.19 (+£13.49)
    Aleksandr Golovin x 70 Cost £1.95 (£136.50) Value £2.11 (£147.70) P/L +£0.16 (+£11.20)
    Rodri x 73 Cost £1.92 (£140.16) Value £2.09 (£152.57) P/L +£0.17 (+£12.41)
    Ander Barrenetxea x 75 Cost £1.93 (£144.75) Value £1.93 (£144.75) P/L +£0.00 (£0.00)
    Robert Skov x 73 Cost £1.63 (£118.99) Value £1.91 (£139.43) P/L +£0.28 (+£20.44)
    Riccardo Orsolini x 72 Cost £1.72 (£123.84) Value £1.82 (£131.04) P/L +£0.10 (+£7.20)
    Josip Brekalo x 70 Cost £1.57 (£109.90) Value £1.68 (£117.60) P/L +£0.11 (+£7.70)
    Teji Savanier x 73 Cost £1.51 (£110.23) Value £1.56 (£113.88) P/L +£0.05 (+£3.65)
    Patson Daka x 70 Cost £1.33 (£93.10) Value £1.53 (£107.10) P/L +£0.20 (+£14.00)
    Daniel Carvajal x 75 Cost £1.28 (£96.00) Value £1.27 (£95.25) P/L -£0.01 (-£0.75)
    Robin Gosens x 73 Cost £1.04 (£75.92) Value £1.22 (£89.06) P/L +£0.18 (+£13.14)
    Philipp Max x 72 Cost £0.98 (£70.56) Value £1.19 (£85.68) P/L +£0.21 (+£15.12)
    Adrian Embarba x 100 Cost £0.49 (£49.00) Value £0.55 (£55.00) P/L +£0.06 (+£6.00)

  • @JonesyFI-WH All good players. Personally I'd hold on... But I know the itch to sell when holding too many... I like 10-20 and currently up to 37 (from 32 whilst trying to trim my port!)

    Sell most expensive = more shares in those you are keeping... More shares means more profit per penny and greater flexibility to reduce holding and still have a meaningful number left over at a later stage

    Sell those near peak price = quicker to sell

    Sell those with biggest recent spike = may be not another spike for a while

  • @Vespasian32 all very useful advice mate thanks. Always difficult to trim as I’m attached to so many of them (I appreciate you shouldn’t be!!!).

    Would you advise listing anyone to sell now or do you think come Friday (once the bonus is credited) will be a better time as a load of people might start jumping onto players?

  • @Vespasian32 didn’t explain that very well. What I meant was if I wait until Friday/next week when everyone is ploughing their bonus money in the players prices may already be on the rise (better than my port prices currently are) so not only would I make more profit but in theory they could sell quicker.

    If I list now I might not gain as much profit as my port is down today, as I’m sure many others are too, so if they do sell it will be for less.

    Hope that makes sense!

  • @JonesyFI-WH if definitely selling I'd list sooner than later... This isn't a typical trading bonus with the CV and spreads etc... So who knows what will happen post bonus... But typically it goes a little stagnant post bonus.

    Just make sure you don't affect your own trading bonus if you were to sell and not be able to buy back etc

  • @Vespasian32 cheers again mate.

    Good for a newbie like me to take info off one of the more experienced traders on the forum and platform 👍🏻 It’s been very helpful.

    Taking everything into consideration I think I’ll stick for now with my port.

  • I would sell Tonali and buy 300 Cavani,

  • Not keen on replacing a midfielder who has the potential to run the Italian midfield for the next 10 years, with an ageing Uruguayan to be honest.

  • @JonesyFI-WH be ruthless, I cut a 50 player port with 35000 shares down to 10 with 33000 shares. Greater risk but rewards seem better and div returns mean you can actually put good money into holds or make good div withdrawal

  • If you struggling to decide who to sell then why don’t you just sell a % of shares in each player to release some capital.

  • Depends how you want your port to look spread over positions is a decent place to start put them into fwd mid def/gk then from there decide who makes the cut that way

  • embarba, skov

  • Also looks like allot of your players are ca or young so don’t be forced into mb players as football will be back and in sure money will flow out of some mb players back into ca/pb players maybe then start to sell as you’ll prevent losses even make a few extra quid to re form your port

  • Keep Tonali. Keep daka. 100%

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