Should i use the bonus ending as an opportunity to restructure my port?

  • Will there be eneugh of a rise on the final day for me to market sell a fair bit of my port, with the view to buy a brand new selection of players on the post bonus dip the following day? Is anyone else thinking about this? I have quite a bit of money tied up in premium holds and feel like now is the time to switch it up a little. Is anybody else doing this kind of thing?

  • @Chickenman there maybe a last minute rise, but if you already own shares in premium players (depending which ones of course!) why bother selling? Those holds will likely make you money since we will have no football for months.🤔

  • @Chickenman personally I’m not I’ve structured my port for the start of football; may well sell some if they have earlier than anticipated spikes.

    Others will be depends though.

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