Spare Time, Euro 2021 and all that Jazz

  • Just a quick one Team FI Forum Buddies.

    Does anyone think it would be worth spending my spare time knocking together a very basic website with focus on euro 2021.

    My initial thoughts were a country page, then a player page based on who has played in their qualifiers (as long as they are on the index).

    Drop in some basic data and maybe look at the pre virus price (maybe around 10th March) and current price?

    Maybe also look at how often they have been in media and any match day divs they may have won.

    So basically data from a few websites out and about presented in a very basic fashion in one area?

    Do you think it would help people? Would it be worth doing?

    I did have a dream of a all singing all dancing facebook/twitter style website but the costs were stupid high and I couldn't get anyone to commit to it - I got a promotion at work and spare time went out the window.

    My youngest son says he will help - so just want to get a feel for it it would be used or not - and what do we think is missing from the market place of free websites (if anything)

    Anyway - Happy Monday peeps.

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