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    I spent some time on youtube videos. Some are plain awful. Some are great.

    Here is a reply I made to a query about one, on a facebook group.

    I came across a guy yesterday who posted a video. He has 3000 subscribers on youtube and his videos were misleading and just plain wrong.
    He posted a video yesterday on another group, I watched it and told him at each stage why he was wrong. Plenty of others jumped in to say they agreed with me and he ignored all posts. He only replied to one lone post that was praising him. I called him out on it and today I see he has deleted the post on facebook but left the video up with all his others. It was terrible.
    It is similar to twitter, all these people making claims and then as soon as you say something they don't agree with, they ignore your post and just reply to those agreeing with them. It is toxic.
    Hmm, I am going to post this on FI forums, you can get a proper discussion going there and if people think you are wrong they will tell you, and you reply!

    Question is, as a community what can we do to stop these videos that are just plain wrong, or do we just have to accept it?

  • @MrWh1te until FI becomes a household name theres nothing we can do. People will exaggerate profits or mislead others into how the market works. It will eventually become a household brand and at that point people will have a broader understanding of it and will make their own minds up about it but until then some will think its a scam or a get rich quick scheme and only those who have the intelligence to sit down and research the product properly will fully understand it and enjoy it for what it is

  • @MrWh1te I've got 3 lads from work on board recently. They all have facebook, I do not. I presume they see all this horse shit you're on about but i think if people have a genuine interest or inclination to get involved they will seek out somebody who actually knows what they're talking about as my 3 mates did.

    I dont think were faraway from a point where most people will know somebody who is properly involved. When we get to that stage the platform will go mainstream and there will be a boom in sign ups unlike anything the platform has seen

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    Yeah there is a lot of horse shit!

    My issue is, the one guy I am currently discussing his videos with (they are bad), has 3000 followers watching his videos. Which are wrong.

    For instance, one is entitled 'is FI a scam'. Now, new money will google, see that, watch it and think 'my money is gonna be locked in and there is no way i can sell, yes it is a scam' and not invest. And we are all poorer for it :/

    Let's hope it is mainstream sooner rather than later :p

  • @MrWh1te

    I don't think that you will ever stop the issue, in that its a free country and if someone wants to make a video on youtube (or wherever) about FI, then you can't really stop them. Its certainly a space that has expanded quickly even in the just the 9 months that i have been on FI, when i started as far as you tube resources went it was basically Quinny and FI Manager ( i would say that both fell into the good category) Speaking of which what happend to FI Manager seems to have disappeared from the scene and have not seen him on the forum for a while either, shame his content was decent.

    All you can do is, as you have done, call out the bad ones and praise the good ones. If as you say the bad ones are spouting rubbish then they will soon get found out and loose any credibility followed by a sharp downfall of viewership i would guess and hence solving the problem.

    To be fair though, even if you have a good source the phrase do your own research springs to mind!!

    What i do like though is when people do market analysis in the form of you tube vids. As a new user, the inner complexities of how this market works are not going to be known to you and having a more experienced trader explain it is invaluable so i think that from that point of view the you tube/podcast space is a positive thing.

    The draw back of it is that these things do have the tendency to turn into an all out pumpfest, which for me i find less interesting but i guess people do like them or they would not produce the vids in the first place.

    In you opinion who would you say are the best you tube FI related channels out there?

  • I have a YouTube channel but it's on gambling and I have done 4 videos on football index which I hope help newbies but I can't pretend that I'm the best trader in the world. I haven't seen that "is fi a scam" video but I will give it a watch and see what I think.

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    @Tom7471 It is basically the guy reading reviews of FI and saying why the reviews are wrong, but its just wrong what he says :/

    @Chris-C I wouldnt honestly be able to recommend any, other than ones posted in here. It was just this one guy posted on facebook and I watched the vid and it was shit and that led me to watching more.

  • @MrWh1te just watched some of his video and although he seems to have his heart in the right place it would seem he isnt aware himself of market sell. Hes going on about sell prices and spreads but hasnt once mentioned you can sell to market which happens to be the same problem the reviews are regarding.

    I think considering the number of people we come across that arent aware of market sell is down to FI, it might be clear to us but these are basics that need to be made clearer as a lot of people who join FI will have no experience of trading

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    Yes this was my point. I pointed it out to him on the thread. Everyone agreed with me. He simply took the thread down and left the video up. So I messaged him on youtube and he said he doesn't agree that he is wrong.
    This is a big problem, if someone googles 'is FI a scam' and get that video, there is no way they will be investing.

  • @MrWh1te I have just left this message on YouTube "From someone that is on the index I don't think this is a good video for promoting football index. Collating all the worst reviews you can find and putting them in a video could be very distructive for the platform. As you will know most youtubers will watch around 3 minutes of your videos so all they will see is these bad reviews and put them off the platform for no good reason. Also having such a big platform (3000 subscribers) lots of people will see this video and if it went viral it could be awful. I'm sure it was an honest mistake but just thought I would point it out"

    See what happens.

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