Potential bargains?

  • List your potential bargains/gambles

    Just invested in Samuel bastien at Standard leige, apparently need the cash after Corona virus, linked with Lille which would be best for pb and Watford/West ham 41p. Could see 100% return on couple good games for whoever his new club is.

    Bit more of a gamble is godfred donsah. 23 years old and returning to Bologna after loan spell in Belgium at cercle brugges, wouldn't read to much into their league position, basically loaned and bought a whole 11 and expected them to gel. Was hyped as a teenager but not lived up to it so far, saying all the right things about loan return to Bologna, Torino were linked a while back. 22p is worth the gamble and again should be 100% return on investment by going back to pb league

  • @MUFC Jan Bednarek....47p....23 years old and nailed on. Transfer spec too

  • Santiago arias 28yo colombia rb plays for Atletico Madrid looks like moving in summer due to registration problems for athletico linked with everton....not much to loose at 32p....

  • Player Kai Proger
    Age 27
    Club Paderborn
    FI Category Mid
    Price £0.55
    PB Avgs (based on last 3 months)
    Avg/Game 110
    Avg/90 111
    PB Peaks 224 170 156 153 146
    WhoScored Rating 7.02 based on season to date
    Appearances 19(4)
    Goal Involvements
    2 Goals
    6 Assists
    Set Pieces
    Likes to dribble
    Likes to cross
    Indirect set-piece threat
    Likes to shoot from distance
    Likes to tackle
    Strengths and Playstyle based on WhoScored data

  • My 2 I am popping MB divs into - only reason being is I wanted a sub £1 player, playing in Germany that spike when they score. Only thing is they are bench warmers - but have proven they can score when given the chance.

    Stindl has started just 7 games - but this season in the league has 6 goals and 3 assists. Picked him as Gladbags really need to keep pushing for Euro football next year - think he will be used. Coming towards end of his career and out of contract, so has to make the most of every minute he plays - expect him to score a few before end of season and 1 little spike.

    Alario started just 9 games - has 6 goals and 1 assist in the league. Picked him as hopefully with them being 3-1 up the Euro league they will give him a run out.


  • Filippo Romagna, 22 yo centre back for sassuolo for £0.36 is my punt

  • @KingJimoT said in Potential bargains?:

    @MUFC Jan Bednarek....47p....23 years old and nailed on. Transfer spec too

    What transfer spec? Saints could also be in for a centre back this window which may throw his starting claims. Danso loan will be finished, and Yoshida already gone. Vestegaard shit. There is a huge hole at centre back and I highly suspect we will get someone to partner Stephens then sign more squad fodder.

  • @peacebeuponme
    I looked at him recently. Despite some appealing attributes I decided against purchasing him simply because Paderborn look nailed on to go down. 10 points off safety and 8 points of the relegation playoff spot as things stand. He may attract some attention from other Bundesliga clubs but he's spent his entire career to date in the lower leagues barring this season. If he doesn't get a move then he's only going to devalue over the next 2-3 years. However, if he does get a move to another Bundesliga team then you'll likely make some decent CA.

  • Ladies and Gentleman!
    I present for your viewing.......
    Drum roll please!

    Gonzalo Escalante.

    27 year old Captain of La Liga side Eibar.

    Signed a pre-contract agreement reputedly for a 4 year contract with Italian Giants Lazio.


    Currently 35p!!!!!
    Yes you read right 35p!!!!

    Potential massive capital appreciation when traders become aware of this transfer, even before he's kicked a ball for them.

    Please do your own research and stagger your purchases.
    We don't want FI to crash!


    Now that's a pump and a half! 😂🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿😁

  • Good points.
    Hopefully he has done enough to warrant some attention and get some CA, even if no move is forthcoming.

  • Jordi Alba, creative Barca wing back. Down to 80p from a pre-covid 1.19. Not seen the bounce back of others yet, get on him 👍

  • This post is deleted!

  • @KingJimoT said in Potential bargains?:

    @Ringers dude you're really pumping this Alba fuck me

    Unlike you and Morata??? You’ve mentioned him in 5 posts in the last two days and started a whole thread about him.

    Fuck me!

    Edit. @KingJimoT see you’ve deleted the post calling me a pumper. Good job I quoted it in the reply.

    While I’m typing you started the Morata 88p thread with

    ‘KingJimoT 2 days ago

    Morata doesn't seem to rise ever??
    Peaks of roughly £1 but has been constant since the COVID crisis.
    27 years old, starting striker for Madrid and Spain. Isn't the biggest PB magnet.
    Is he still good value at this price? Trying to find that one sub £1 striker who will show me 20-25% CA’

    Suggesting you are asking advice on buying him, when in a post 5 days ago you say you already own him.

    I admit I am pumping Alba, it’s part of the game. You are not only pumping, but lying about it. You can not be trusted.

    Further edit. You have now changed your name, you shyster!

  • I would say Arp but he would need to go out on loan and he would be a great hold in my opinion

  • Posted this recently but don't think you can beat the below for a bargain basement punt.

    Kike Garcia, currently 16p which is the same price he was 1 year ago, first choice striker at Eibar with a year left on contract.

    His record in the 19/20 season of 3 goals in 17 apperances hardly inspires confidence, however, when you contrast it with him Scoring a few in late November / December and then spent all of January and February injured you could argue there's potential for him to score 2 or 3 over a 30 day period packed with games. Could see a good rise when IPD's become relevant.

  • Matt O'Reilly. 64p. An English teenager available for well under a pound. Out of contract in a couple of months so we'd perhaps be expecting speculation in the coming weeks. Linked with big clubs in past. Looks worth a punt.

  • @Ringers if you look at the thread he created he states that he's already in his port, so I think you're being a bit dramatic lol. He only said you were pumping, he didn't sleep with a family member!

  • @ChazFI123 just had a double check and I can’t see he does! I might be going (forum) word blind due to lockdown.

    He obviously thinks it’s an issue as he has snook off into a hole, to no doubt reappear under a new name.

  • Mario rui for me. Got on at 55p and has already risen. Has been as high as 96p so has got a rise in him. Still got the euros coming up aswell.

  • Aissa Mandi is seriously underpriced. 39p, at Betis, pb avg 88 over 91 games and has won pb def 3 times and star player twice. Contract up next June and stories of both Lyon and a very weak link to Barca.

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