Whats the ideal Cap App for a player ?

  • I have four players in the green

    Gosens (up 12.96%)
    Max ~(up 13.1%)
    Mateta (up 2%)
    A Silva (up 1%)

    I hold these players in quantities from 50-100, so the profit isn't insane (for Max and Gosens it's respectable !)

    Do you guys have a target ROI? And does this vary for position and age?

    I just have a few players who are off their peak, and not sure the expected cap app for them.

    This includes:

    Gerard Moreno (hopefully divs help ROI)

  • @KingJimoT no right or wrong answer, some people swear by selling at a certain percentage, depends if you think they are good on players, if so keep as cap app should run alongside good pb scores, if no real value to there price e.g. no hype, transfer spec, pb scores and just couple good games I would probably sell at 20%. Got my 10-12 players now and that's my max. Keeping 8 for at least 18 months and flip 3-4 of them just for the enjoyment

  • @MUFC whats your port?

  • @KingJimoT just shy of 26000

  • @KingJimoT @MUFC is right there is no right or wrong answer.

    Personally I hold a player until I wouldn’t buy them at that price and this can vary; however once they hit 40% I make a decision if I could use the cash elsewhere and either derisk by selling 1/3 or continue to hold.

    Worked out ok so far as I’ve built my port up to a low 5 figure number.

  • @Sav2000 probably a good way of looking at it actually, I don't tend to buy anyone over a £1, try and get on early by doing alot of research and every couple days doing a Google check on players I've been watching, Samuel bastien today being linked away with moves to pb league for example

  • @Sav2000 said in Whats the ideal Cap App for a player ?:

    ok so far as I’ve built my por

    I would say it depends entirety on your strategy.
    If you are a 'Del Boy' and like to quick flip players- then anything from 9%-20% is respectable, if you are looking for mid-long term i think you should aim for 50%-100%+ depending on the market or how long you have held the shares.....BUT again there is no right and wrong answer.

  • Because i buy in blocks of shares rather than value i dont tend to look for a percentage. If i buy 250 shares im generally looking for a £1 increase, for 500 shares im looking for 50p increase before i list so i look for about £250 profit per trade. Premium players ill hold for as long as dividends are looking promising and i try to ignore cap app

  • I never really think about exit strat based on ROI... I tend to do it more on price... Especially when buying a dip like injury trading, summer pb, covid etc.

    Try not to be too rigid with exit strategy... Just occasionally step back from portfolio and imagine you didn't own the player... Would you buy for current price?

    Players only go up in price if other people buy them. The buyers don't give a rats ass about your buy price or your p&l on a player... So you shouldn't either. The player is good value or he isn't, regardless of what you paid historically or have made to date.

    So Max is one I also have. Bought the dip at £1.05...hes now £1.19...back to his pre-dip price. When I bought him, that was my exit price... In fact sold 100 already at £1.20. However, I'm keeping the rest cos Bundesliga is likely to be first league playing again... I have one eye on the twitter timeline and he gets mentioned a lot.... So now I'm being flexible with my exit... I reckon he has another 10p or so in the tank by time he kicks a ball... And Augsburg play Dusseldorf so hes a pb threat for first game back. Worth hanging on to in and around kick off at least!

  • @KingJimoT 100% is ideal as then you sell half and it’s all the original stake (or profit). Then whatever is left is ‘free’ money

  • @Vespasian32 i could see Max at £1.40 - i'll mostly likely sell then. But part of me wants him as a long term hold

  • @KingJimoT not in the bracket of player I hold long term... But certainly a good hold as I expect him to win pb again multiple times in remainder of this season and next... As a pb winner he will also benefit from any pb div increase.

  • @Vespasian32 2 seasons isnt long term?

  • @KingJimoT 2 months is long term for me 😂

  • I should caveat that... For that particular line of strategy I. E. Buying a dip. There's youth and non-pb players I hold longer till they hit form or get a transfer... There's premiums I'll hold longer if I think they continue to be cash cows etc.

  • @Vespasian32 so for someone with 6 months average hold - would you suggest Morata or Cordoba for the best ROI?

  • @KingJimoT Morata would be my pick. Really tricky tho! Koln overperforming... Can they keep that momentum when footy resumes... Can Cordoba keep firing? Morata in a bigger dip and has been fairly consistent scorer. Maybe a lot depends on what happens to the remainder of the CL. Also 6 months is just about long enough for the Euros hype train to start building again.

  • @Vespasian32 I'll stick with my gut and go morata! Thanks !

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