Which strikers do you recommend adding to my port?

  • Mateta (£1.12) - starting striker for a dull Mainz. Great goals to game ratio (0.45) and has prem transfer spec. 22 y/o

    Morata (88p) - starting striker for Ath Madrid and Spain. Not insane PB scores but will be getting some CL action whihc could cause spikes

    Andre Silva (99p) - starting striker for Frankfurt, 7 returns in 10 games and 24 y/o. Will return from loan and could get a better move after. Decent peak too and 3 PB wins.

    Gerard Moreno (£1.21) - starting striker for Villareal, insane PB scores and 7 PB wins. Peak of £1.60 and 27 y/o

    I'm looking for maybe another sub £1.20 striker, more CA orientated.
    Thanks !

  • @KingJimoT don’t hold him but Weghorst is a good shout

  • @Sav2000 was my first idea! Great PB scores too and good for IPDs.....it's either invest in him or top up Morata...think I might go for Weghorst

  • I piled into Andre Silva a couple of weeks ago and thought he offered good value currently

  • @KingJimoT Weghorst does not have great PB scores. Not putting you off him by the way, I've held him in the past and done nicely out of him, but just giving you a fuller picture. He is not PB friendly. I held 750 of him the day he won gold day star man with a 222.

    That day he got a hat trick with a GWG, so his base score was 34. Anyone with a hat trick and a GWG is gonna post a good PB score that day, but it doesnt make them a good PB player.

    I held him Cos he'll get a couple of hat tricks a year and when he does he'll have a chance of PB, but somebody with great PB is somebody who can challenge for PB with a single goal or even with a base score

  • @MickTurbo care to expand on who has good PB scores, striker, under £1.50 ?

  • Off the top of head, Alassane Plea, dont hold, probably should @KingJimoT

  • I hold Silva & Mor

  • @KingJimoT said in Which strikers do you recommend adding to my port?:

    @MickTurbo care to expand on who has good PB scores, striker, under £1.50 ?

    Cordoba at cologne 89p. He was in blistering form before the break and kolns fixtures are quite kind for the run in too. Unless forsberg gets some regular minutes which is unlikely given leipzigs depth cordoba looks the best value at under a quid alongside andersson at union.

    He has 2 x 200+ scores this season compared to weghorsts 1. Koln tend to slap teams by a few or get slapped themselves. Really weird side.

    Dabbur at 59p also has 2 x 200 historical pb scores but he would be an outside punt given his torrid year. Back in training now.

    Keeping with koln, uth at 83p has just been changed from a fwd to a mid and had a price drop correction but hes still taken the 2nd most shots in the bundesliga in last 3 months alongside Lewandowski, Quality pb scores, takes corners and scores goals but yet to grab a gwg.

  • @dionysusthyrsus I looked at Cordoba for a while. Although PB scores are great, he has never won divs and hasnt had a peak of over 90p. With holds like Silva (peak of £1.34), Moreno (£1.60) - I'm worried he'll only be good for IPDs and maybe a PB payout. He's on the list for sure - I just need convincing.

  • @MickTurbo Plea is a good shout I even hold him and completely forgot 🤣

    As for Weghorst at his current price he’s got the normal 20p rise in him

  • @Sav2000 what would you suggest? Top up on Morata or getting on board Weghorst/Cordoba ???

  • @KingJimoT I’d agree with mick just seen Plea linked with Man U; unlikely to move but the link alone will see him rise

  • @KingJimoT I would echo what @MickTurbo says about Weghorst. He can win PB but he doesn't post great PB scores. I held him last season (bought for 45p) and he scored three goals and an assist on the 18th of May. This wasn't enough to win PB that day as he literally does nothing else in the match (screenshot below). At 45p he was good for IPD's, at current price he isn't especially with no games.

    0_1587451912683_Screenshot_20200421-074704.png 0_1587451919409_Screenshot_20200421-074728.png

  • Andy Delort, 55p, has been as high as 80p, so decent CA and good for IPDs (eventually)

  • Right on the money at £1.20 - Gerard Moreno.
    Personally, think he's one of the best in this price range. Good PB scorer (100 average/296 max) and hasn't had the price increase over the last month that other PB players have. He's roughly the same price now as when Covid-19 hit so room for CA too.

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