Where would you put a grand?

  • Iv convinced my Dad to join the index, he wants to put a grand in for now....iv said Rashford.... Good advice or would you go elsewhere?

  • @AndydfopT id say he should definitely put some in Rashford

  • Based on the last 48 hours it would seem to be the safest place to put it!!

  • @AndydfopT if he wants a quick return I think him and Kane are good shouts.

    Long term I think you will see biggest return on rashford.

    As I think most people know, I have Rashford and plan to hold for the full 3 years with view to selling pre 2022 world cup.

  • Good hold, but if it was my Dad's money I'd perhaps spread it over a few players to reduce the risk.
    You've got to think - your dad's money/your inheritance money 😂

  • Rashford trading at his highest ever price, is now the best time to buy him? There's a lot of players out there that are at the bottom of their price graph, so looking at it from a trading perspective IMO there's better value elsewhere and for a £1000 you can get about 150 Rashford's, so it's the debate of if that's enough to reap the rewards of having a premium hold. I would personally diversify

  • Rashford...yes at his highest ever but go see Bruno and Sancho. Don’t sniff at 150 Rashers lots of divs can still be gained. I just bought more having got on at £5.10

  • I don't hold Rashford or Sancho but both are good for MB at the moment and with the potential for Sancho of a move even better. I do hold Fernandes and Haarland, both of which I think will continue to increase in price although Fernandes is probably the better MB out of the two at the moment. Haarland for me is the new beast of the Index at just 19, scoring goals in the Bundesliga, assists in the Bundesliga and a potential move to either Man Utd or Real Madrid when the time comes. An unashamed pump for Haarland but any of these 4 should make you money

  • Rashford

  • Tell him about a young Uruguayan by the name of Nahitan Nandez

  • I think mo salah is way underpriced right now. He will hit the media soon, bound to be transfer rumours and he will either win the league or be disappointed by voiding. I’m not sure he fits Klopps’ work for the team ethos, and the money they could get for him would go towards a big signing.

    At a lower level I see a good 50% ROI on Jordi Alba when footie starts. He dipped from 1.19 to 80p and hasn’t attracted any real money yet. He is a regular assister for Barca.

    I am on both, so I do have an interest in money coming into them.

  • @Ringers said in Where would you put a grand?:

    mo salah is way underpriced right now. He will hit the media soon, bound to be transfer rumours

    I think he might just be sold to finance a rebuild, Klopp would get decent money for all the front 3 but can only see one being sacrificed (if any at all). He's returned 27p in dividends so far this season, so not too shabby against 363p currently, but a move to a top Continental team might not be such a bad thing all round & his price might not suffer too much, as usually assumed when leaving the EPL. Either way the transfer speculation alone might be enough for some MB wins whether he eventually stays or goes. I've held him for nearly 2 years but am tempted to top up when the bonus comes in, 12 month price graph looks brutal.

    Payet at around a £1 would be my choice for a decent undervalued PB hold.

  • @Ringers

    I have heard you pumping Jordi Alba so much in the past few weeks I decided to check out his stats in la liga this season.

    17 games played
    1 goal
    1 assist

    31 years old. Average rating of 6.95 (out of 10).

    This is probably the reason nobody is heeding your advice and his price continues to fall.

    Out of interest, how much are you down on him? 🤔🤣

  • Luis advincula....

  • @johnboywalker only a penny, so no great shakes.
    We shall see what happens.....

  • @Dan-w said in Where would you put a grand?:

    Luis advincula....

    Don’t joke, bound to get a move this summer, Rayo will cash in and he needs top level football for his Peru place

  • Personally....

    So many to chose from

    List goes on :)

  • I have a list as long as my portfolio i could suggest

    @Archer22 said in Where would you put a grand?:

    Rashford...yes at his highest ever but go see Bruno and Sancho. Don’t sniff at 150 Rashers

    Our Labrador usually does this when we walk past the Butchers

  • I would suggest a thousand shares at around the £1 price. So many PB bargains in the 50p to £1.50 price bracket. Forget MB and the short term, think 6 months or longer. Plus this gives him more shares in more players when football eventually returns.

    Do it before current bonus ends on Thursday and remember to use your £10 referral link.

  • Willian could be an interesting one if Newcastle go for him probably a lot of MB and would be a good PB player for them

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