Fog on the Tyne!!

  • Takeover takes a massive step forward then and looks like it’s going to happen.

    What players are you thinking benefit from the Newcastle takeover?
    Who are Newcastle going to sign?
    Free transfers like Ryan Fraser or Big boys?

    St maximan is the safest hold at Newcastle due to his ability and potential transfer to a top 6 club OR now maybe helping turn Newcastle into a top 6 club.

    I’ve also gone for Sean Longstaff as feel he could be the Newcastle blood in the midfield and become a bit of a sentimental player for them as they maybe move into Europe. Very similar to mctominay. It’s a gamble but we shall see.

  • I want to get on this somehow but don't know where to start. I can see Newcastle taking a few different approaches.

    They could hoover up a bunch of young talent and try to build a squad to peak in a couple of seasons and take on the big boys.

    They could sign a number of older, but very good and proven EPL players to get them knocking and champions league and then buy some big stars who won't have long to wait for champions league.

    They could try and splash out now on big names and big egos.

    And there are others.

    Which is making it hard to know where to go. Any Newcastle fans out there who have a preferred approach on what strategy to take?

  • Never going to be one of the big boys I am afraid.

    Great fans and lots of them - but nar - can't see all the money in the world be enough to attract players that could go to the other cities in the UK.

    That said, I rate Newcastle as an area above Manchester etc...but each to their own.

    When I see Newcastle and hear about how big they can be, I just hear the normal droan Sheff Wed fans go on about how massive they are.

  • Well personally, after being in the doom and gloom for so long, all I can say is I'll believe it when I see it. If it all goes for the best then I can see a gradual clear out of the existing squad, as plainly most aren't good enough. Saint Max seems to be the early beneficiary and imo rightly so. I feel having the correct manager is vital and think what will happen to Bruce is the same as what happened to Mark Hughes at city and he'll be replaced.(although Bruce is already there). All I can do is hope the fog is lifting...I can't look past Saint Max for anyone else to stay unfortunately.

  • If this does happen it's something to capitalize on maybe a year from now I think. I'm not a geordie, I'm from just down the road, but I know Geordies and I know what they'll expect. Firstly theyll expect nothing less than the league title and probably back to back european cups, but what theyll settle for is a re-creation of 'the entertainers' of '96.

    But will Arab money care what the Geordie nation want? I would suggest they will have to. It gives me no pleasure to say this, but Newcastle is a club absolutely ripe for a super duper rich family to buy. Big stadium, big city, large and fervent supporter base. I think they will care what the fans want, and for that reason I think ASM will stick around and be a bit of a hero. Not sure how good a PB side theyll be, but do think theyll be one of the big media clubs.

    I think theyll be linked with all and sundry, much of which will be absolutely laughable. I can see it now, links to youth such as Aouchiche, odegaard etc, right through th ageing superstars like Bale, Luis Suarez, and Benzema, comprising the likes of Kane and Pogba along the way.

    The ageing superstars is a bit of a North East phenomenon. I'm a boro fan and can remember us being linked to Roberto Carlos, Cafu, Batistuta, Van Persie and others

  • @MickTurbo I think you've got it wrong about what we expect mate, we really don't expect anything BUT we do hope for things and you got the second part right on what we'd settle for, but if that was the case I think we would have the right to expect at least something. Personally any cup would do me, I really don't expect us to win the league in the foreseeable. As far as the rest of your comment, yeah, I can see that happening easily and you did sign the white feather :)

  • @Weedster yeh mate we managed to land a few stellar names over the years but Rav came with the biggest profile of all. Those were great years to be a boro fan, not so much success wise, but an absolute roller coaster.

    Suppose it was a bit of a generalization about the geordie fans. I do know a few who are pretty deluded but there are at least a couple on this forum who talk sense, and to be fair I know at least a couple of blokes from round my way who honestly think Boro are on the brink of glory 😂😂😂

  • Imo Saint Maximin will fly. Hes young, exciting, fan favourite (neutrals aswel) and improving all the time. His pb scores are pretty good considering the team hes in, he has potential for big scores. A takeover and investment will only benefit him. Potential big move and transfer spec.

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