Big difference between buy and sell price

  • I’ve noticed when I came to sell some shares that there is a massive difference between the buying price and selling price. Take one of my players. To buy a share costs £2.60 and to sell I’d get £1.60. Therefore the 80p profit plus another 20p is wiped off the value of the shares. So my sound investments have less value then when I bought them despite huge rises. How can that be right? Has this been done to prevent people selling or worse still profit on people who desperately need the money?
    Unless you add more money to invest it seems pretty pointless selling what you have to then re invest that money. Bitterly disappointed

  • the spread mate- just read into it- they done it because of the virus to protect the market

  • Big advocate to reading and researching before you invest- which you clearly haven't done

  • @NewUser332624 the sell price is only for Instant sell which is turned off due there being no football.

    ALL players can be sold to market and when someone buys them off you you get the sell price at the time less 2% commission.

    I’d suggest you read the pin thread all things football index; if you need any advice ask on here most are very helpful

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    Hi Mate

    Ignore pompeyjosh's grumpyness, I think he is a secret scummer.

    There are 2 ways to sell. The one you see, is like a cash out bet and is paid for by football index. The spread is very wide atm to stop people cashing out on mass and crashing the site, it is protecting us all and a good thing.

    The other way you can sell, is to market sell. When you click sell, it gives you the option to market sell and set the sell price. It isn't instant, you have to wait for another person to buy the shares off you and it goes into a queue, so the more people in the queue, the longer it takes. If you want to market sell, click sell button and then 'add sell order'

    Go change your name on profile to something more memorable.

    I strongly suggest you spend time reading up in the academy, where it is all explained.

  • @pompeyjosh1990 And this isn't a dig- again many new people are mis-informed and mis-guided.

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    You tagged yourself. Defo a scummer!

  • @MrWh1te we should give him a break he’s only been here a few weeks himself 😉

  • @Sav2000 @MrWh1te HAHA now now Ladies...

    TBF did come across as a grumpy B*****d...
    Think the whole platform needs to improve their guides and current reasons why things are the way they are especially promoting for new Users..

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    Nah you are right, people shouldn't be investing without reading rules, which tbh are very clear.

    That said, there are lots of posts like this across different medias. If we want people to stay we have to make the effort to clarify all these misconceptions. Others, someone wants to invest, does a quick google, finds the OP here and a couple of shitty replies and doesn't invest.
    Taking the time to explain, nm how repetitive boosts our potential profit margins.

  • @MrWh1te Yeah I agree mate, think although the rules are there think they just need to be clearer specifically for new users.

    @NewUser332624 this is a great platform- just do some more research into things, stay patient and trust me you will love the platform just as much as we do. The spread is there mainly to protect the money that is in the platform whilst the Covid-19 epidemic is around. The spread (different between buy and sell will be reduced when its all over) But 99% of people done IS (Instant Sell) anyway they put shares to the market as @MrWh1te explained.

  • @pompeyjosh1990 I did my research but was just commenting on the massive difference between the buy and sell. I understand they are protecting “clients” but really they are protecting themselves. Reading some shocking tales of withdrawals taking an eternity.

  • @MrWh1te I did do my research and have bought and sold plenty of shares. I was merely asking why the massive difference in the market. Let’s no fool ourselves. This is F.I looking after themselves, not us the clients. I normally use I.S because I’ve identified another player I wish to invest in before the price rises and if the I.S price is fair that’s my preferred way.

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    @NewUser332624 if you genuinely think for don't care about clients, you should probably leave the site. I wouldn't put my money somewhere where I don't have confidence the site will take the steps needed to protect themselves and by extension my money

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    @NewUser332624 as for research, you are complaining about spreads. Just market sell, problem solved.

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