Previous bonus after-effects

  • Hi all,

    With Thursday being the (present) end of the trading bonus promo, I'm a bit concerned that there'll have been a lot of money pumped in which will immediately seek an exit after they receive the bonus cash in their account. This sort of sell-off would inevitably trigger a downturn in the market.

    I'm a new user (lured in by the aforementioned promo...), and was wondering if such offers have occurred in the past? If so - what were the short to medium term after-effects? Was there any sort of hangover?


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    In the past, there is always a dip short term as people pull money out, only for players to eventually rise and go way past their high price within a relatively short time frame (a time frame in which everyone on social media will start making 'woe is me, fi is ended' posts).

    This could happen this time. I think we might see a dip but not as big or long as before due to 2 reasons:

    1. This announcement on Thursday, I am sure will be something aimed at keeping people's money in and
    2. IS not being available so selling is slower.

    It really is a wait and see, but whatever happens, don't panic and sit tight, the market WILL go back up.

  • Cheers for the response. On average, what sort of dip the market take (as a percentage)? >5%?

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    I am not sure of exact figures, I am sure someone will be along shortly with them though.
    I think it depends on your port and the type of players you hold.

    For instance, I have a port built strongly for media divs and so have been sheltered from losses. But when football returns, PB players will be the next rocket and people will sell MB to pay for them. I will hold through the drop, knowing it will go back up.

    Anything from 1% to 10% I guess is likely. But it is a guess, this is new territory for everyone.

  • As @MrWh1te says the dip will be less severe than usual. Not sure about percentages but I would say the Footie will peak on Thursday, drop for a week or two and in a fortnight be back to Thursday's level.

    Don't panic, remember why you bought your players and it is a 3 year bet. A majority of the dip will be traders listing, rather than selling, so pretty artificial. These players will surge again once traders delist, especially if they look like winning dividends.

    Thursday's announcement will probably help lock in players deposits and the bonus.

  • Interesting. I will have to give some thought to when I re-invest my trading bonus then ;).

    On the subject of "The Footie", do you know the exact formula as to how that is calculated?

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    No-one knows the exact formula, its something to do with money in the index. + means ppl buying, - means people selling

    Go to your profile and change your name, it helps getting on in the community :)

  • The main thing is that the dip is unlikely to bigger than the 8.25% bonus. I would guess that the footie is just indexed against the total amount of money on the platform- probably isn't, just a guess

  • With football on the horizon any dips will be very short lived, if any maybe a few top 10 players might take a little hit nothing to get worried about

  • For me even if there is a dip it won't be a big issue - with nobody able to instant sell it would only be users listing players which in itself is taking no money out the market. For me I would expect the people re-investing the 8.25% to level out the people trying to market sell.

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