HWAH Podcast Guest Announcement🎙️

  • This week I’ll be joined by Alpha Chaser on the podcast...

    ◾He absolutely loves his data
    ◾Has been on FI only a few months
    ◾Shares his research via spreadsheet to the community

    Questions or topics below would be much appreciated, thanks lads.


    You remembered us!!

    Ok, questions for a data lover. Which player has overperformed data wise but underperformed FI wise?? And the opposite??

    Do you exclude older players from analysis??

    Looking forward to this one. Keep up the good work. Thanks 👍

  • What's his favourite Excel formula?
    Which player has he had the most success with?
    Does he only use data, or does he apply sentiment?

  • Seems like a smart guy. I can see we are going to see eye to eye on a few things. He's got it nailed on Trincao.

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