• You reckon he’s worth investing in?! Pretty cheap and wanting a move away in the summer. Just wondering if he normally starts for Brazil?

  • Unlikely he’ll start for Brazil in the World Cup (recent article showed how they fielded same starting XI apart from one player in last two friendlies, and he wasn’t in it, so he looks set to be a bench warmer for the summer). However the ties to EPL are fairly strong, he’s been part of the Monaco team for a few years and they, along with Dortmund, are the biggest profile selling club going, so it’s likely it’s his turn to leave.

    His price has yo-yo’d a little of late (reports of signing a new deal saw him decline and then linked to EPL re-appeared so they shot up) but if links are consistent, then should still rise slightly.

    Biggest danger is him going to PSG, as media buzz will be nothing, biggest success would be him moving to United.

  • @NewUser136187 - Yes, a player of his ability, at his age, with the current links to the PL - definitely worth investing.

    And yes, I have taken up a smallish position in the past few weeks.
    Confident of a decent upside based on current value versus similar players meeting the above criteria.

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