The Longstaff bros,Newcastle Utd

  • Both look good prospects to me goalscoring midfielder and a strong looking Defensive midfielder who is good on the ball ,young and English,I can only see them progressing and getting better and the new investment could see them in the big time if they can stay in the team. At the age they are they are only going to improve. All fans want local boys from the academy in their teams playing and these two will not lack for support from the punters.

  • What prices are they / have they been?

    If as you say with the investment into the team, will they be good enough to get in the team and if not, who in the Prem would you suggest they would be good enough to play for?

  • @Millerman
    As a pre Deposit buy Matty looks worth a punt. No money going in and out. Unlikely to see any post deposit dip. I've been stewing over investing. He's out of contract too.🤔

  • @Dalian-Smith I didn't realise he was 20, I thought he was like 18! Looks so young for his ago lol

  • @Dalian-Smith his analysis seems really strange as it looks like there has been no movement on him at all in 3 months? I've not been on FI long but I cant recall someone not having a dip or jump in such a long period of time?

  • I'm wondering if someone has fallen asleep at the Price Graph Update centre. So many straight lines. He looks on the surface to have a very loyal bunch of long term investors.

  • @Dalian-Smith

    Can't believe that his contract has been allowed to run down,i'd take him if I were an Arsenal,Spurs or Everton.

  • I bought a small amount of Matty with my loose change, like them both but sean hasn't been as impressive since coming back from his injury towards the end of last season. Would like to see them both get more game time so it gives them a chance to develop. Need to get Matty a new contract first though!

  • @ChazFI123 Got to admit I thought he was younger than he is. Where's the time gone?

  • Matty has seen a modest rise. I can't believe his contract has been allowed to run down. This boy on a free is a great addition and prospect for the future ,maybe Ashley thought he could pay him sportsdirect wages?

  • As a Newcastle fan they are both good players. Shaun was excellent under benitez but has struggled this season. Matty is a good solid cm and looks to have a reasonable future. Neither are world beaters at this stage. There was a contract on the table for Matty but he refused to sign it. Not sure how much they were offering him or if he was just not keen to commit to an Ashley owned Newcastle. I’ve heard reports that he was after too much money but I’d expect him to be rushing to sign what ever contract there is if the takeover happens. I’d expect them both to stay. My worry from a FI point of view is that if we start signing lots of players they might not get much game time.

  • Come on, bit of basic research in these pump threads 🙂 Let me help....

    First; Matty's graph. He was IPO'd in the great IPO marathon week of in November, which Football Index created to really hammer home the message of Responsible Gambling Week, which ran concurrently.

    His goal against Man Utd in October was still fresh in the mind and he got to his current price of £1.30 from £1.10 IPO price. He didn't get any minutes after his IPO until Boxing Day (again against Man Utd, but with a slightly different result), and had another couple of starts in January, but none since then. He's not made match day squad on quite a few occasions. Hence his price has been static, as can be seen on graph.

    Secondly; Newcastle haven't "let his contract run down". They've been trying to agree a contract extension several times since last year, but there hasn't been an agreement on money (and possibly playing time, and maybe their treatment of his brother Sean, who has had interest, and who I incidentally think is a far brighter prospect). Latest report is that if the takeover goes through then he could sign after all, despite being currently free to agree a move abroad, with several names being thrown about.

  • Sean looks to have gone backwards as a player this season to be honest while Matty runs around like a headless chicken at times. If Matty was to leave in the summer you’d expect one of the traditional big 6 to take a punt on him considering his showings in the PL this season and the fact he’s young and English and therefore could probably be sold on even if he doesn’t get much game time. If the Rafalution part 2 were to ensue, then that could make Sean the type of player he looked like he could’ve become when he first started playing in the first team, he has gone backwards under Bruce.

  • With transfer money at a premium in the next window free agents are in a great position with I'm sure there'll be plenty of clubs after their services. I don't think it's cut and dried he'll sign a contract. He seems to be hedging his bets at minute.

  • I’ve held both players and sold both at a loss because I couldn’t see their prices going up. Watched both players from when there were 10 yrs old and Matty was seen to be the better player/prospect. Think Matty will leave when his contract runs out unless NUFC make him a better offer( more money than the likes of colbeck/saviet £30-40k). Think Sean will be away within the next twelve month because I can’t see him hanging around if he’s not starting games. Either way can’t see their prices going up if they stay.

  • @Jimbo
    Hi Jimbo.
    Whats your opinion on Javier Manquillo?
    Picked him up when he was injured. Came back just before the outbreak and Newcastle started keeping clean sheets.
    Out of contract in Summer. Any word what's happening with him.
    Still only 24p. Would rather get a fans perspective.

  • @Dronny-Gaz I would stay away to be honest. When he came there was not much love for him but steadily he has put in some reasonable performances and occasionally chipped in with a few assists, however being solid is about all I could say for him. Can not see him getting much game time if the takeover happens but if it falls through he could be worth a punt. I think he spiked in late jan due to an assist. Could happen again.

  • sean was priced 1.77 about 7 months ago and has been linked to man utd about 3 time the latest in march , def got a move in him in the summer so at min is 77p below his peak price i think if he moves to any club in the top six his price has to rise surely?

  • @Dronny-Gaz Manquillo pretty much confirmed to be leaving at end of contract.

  • @Keegans-Bluff
    See where he ends up. Newspapers have said he's their most improved player so I thought I'd get a fans perspective. Cheers.

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