6 Striker options - all under £1.50

  • Bit of context....

    Been stalking this forum + twitter for about 6 months now. My first deposit was yesterday. These players are on my watchlist ( disclaimer - I own none of these players, my port is only £50).

    Anyway, let's get into this.

    1) Jean - Philippe Mateta (£1.14) (up 5.46% in 7 days)
    Mateta looks like a really good, young striker who is filled with potential. He is the starting striker for Mainz (struggling team in the Bundesliga) but accumulated transfer spec from some Prem clubs last season. He has a great goal to game ratio (roughly 0.4-0.45) and is still only 22. I monitored him for a while and his COVID dip reached about 90p. Bundesliga could be the first league to re-emerge, meaning more likely PB wins. His PB base score is average and he is yet to win Divs - but he could be great value for CA and IPDs. (disclaimer - I own, this is a shameless name drop)

    2 ) Patrik Schick (£1.42) (up 6.36% in 7 days)
    For me, Schick looks like a no-brainer. I don't hold and probably wouldn't for a while because I wouldn't be able to afford many of him - but £1.42 is a bargain. He plays for Leipzig, and with Werner very much in demand - he could break through soon. He would be great as a long-term hold at 24 years old. He has never gone past his peak (£1.44), but the positive, constant gradient of his graph implies he's only going to keep growing. Very possible to hit £2 and maybe higher if Werner goes. Great stats too, 2 shots per game and a base score of 62.
    A 8.5/10 if i were to hold.

    3 ) Andre Silva (99p) (up 2.08%)
    24 years old so still room for growth. Settling well at Frankfurt, however loan ends soon and he's back to Italy. He could well generate more transfer spec as he had a previous peak of £1.35. Underpriced at sub £1 and could easily see a 30% rise here long term with a chance of IPDs. Decent base PB score and previously won divs on 3 occasions.
    An 8/10 if i were to hold.

    4 ) Jhon Cordoba (93p) (up 7.09%)
    One of the rising squad players in the past week or so. Plays for Kohn in Bundesliga who seem to ship alot of goals. Has a great scoring record and nearly won divs with a near 300 PB score pre-COVID. 26 years old and seems settled at his club. Great chance for IPDs if German football comes back quick. Chance for some cap app too, however he doesn't have a peak higher than his current price which is worrying.
    An 8/10 if i were to hold

    5) Josh Maja (£1.34) (up 12.09%)
    Possibly missed the boat on this one, some may think. Nigerian, 21 year old playing in Ligue 1. Shown massive cap app in the past few months and is just going to continue to grow. Not much PB action with 6 goals but this is primarily a CA hold. Already shown spikes before football has even started. One of the best holds in this list, but may be out of price ranges.
    A 9/10 if i were to hold.

    6) Gerard Moreno (£1.20) (down -1.04%)
    One of the older players in the list, however severely underpriced starting striker in La Liga - whilst being 40p over his peak. 7 PB wins, with a highest PB score of 280+. One of the top scorers in La Liga for a decent team (Villareal) - meaning divs and IPDs are likely if/when football is back. Could challenge for some Spain action at the Euros, but I think he would be a great hold - covering PB and CA. Only issue may be his age, however 27 is usually acceptable.

    A 8.5 if i were to hold.

    I've done alot of research on this lads, and I have narrowed my watchlist down to 6 midfielders and 6 defenders too. I think it'll be useful to some of you as the deposit bonus is about to finish and prices will most likely skyrocket when football is back for sure.

    Hope this helps!

  • @NewUser573360
    Good effort. I only hold Moreno of the ones mentioned but, some decent options there. A couple of them are currently at or are near their peak prices so just something for new traders to be aware of if contemplating buying in now. That's not to say they won't continue to rise in price over time, especially if you're in for the long haul.

    I'd also add Milik and Cornet to this list as ones worth watching. Both decent PB scorers, Milik out of contract at Napoli in 2021 and Cornet has a bright future ahead of him, whether that's as a forward or at left wing/back. The guy seems to play everywhere.

  • I hold.and like Andre Silva think he has a nice rise in him over the couple of years

  • @NewUser573360 Schick could end up back at his club roma

  • Good effort, don't hold any but have held Moreno in the past. Schick is on my watchlist and going to add Cordoba.

    Loved the comment "has never gone past his peak". No player has, that's why it is called a peak!!

    Good research and insights and cheap forwards are hard to find. Doesn't prevent the obvious problem, they are up against Neymar, Messi and Ronaldo most matchdays for PB. Should hopefully return IPD and CA, threaten PB and always an opportunity to sell on a goal spike.

  • @MUFC said in 6 Striker options - all under £1.50:

    @NewUser573360 Schick could end up back at his club roma

    Everything I’ve read indicates RBL are going to activate their option to buy.

    Makes sense as he played his way into a starting place, displacing long-term favourite Poulsen.

    Even more likely with Werner leaving.

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