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  • So who are your best picks of players to invest in for the World Cup and why ?

  • You might struggle here mate- many of the solid bets (and wildcard options) have their WC prospects priced in already. I was setting up for this as the season kicked off, so I wouldn't be surprised if many others did too.

    You might find some on the back of injuries, or freak form, but if I was in your position I'd look to make the most of the end of season & champions league, then maybe try and find some reasonable transfer prospects in time for the transfer merrygoround.
    Otherwise you'll find yourself buying players who are possibly already at their peak, and you'll only see loses, or minimal gains. Not great value.

    Others might have a totally different opinion though, this is just mine :)

  • @NewUser108933 said in World Cup players:

    So who are your best picks of players to invest in for the World Cup and why ?

    If you are buying for the world cup now you have missed the boat there all very over valued and it will be a blow bath when teams start getting knocked out, stay ahead of the trends and jump onto the next trend mate, free transfers in the summer , hove them up cheap now and watch the profits rocket when the money from that blog bath rolled into them

  • @SMacFI
    Ive 10 futures in a few Bosmans and just bought 10 in Dani Garcia this morning

  • @Comrade Good work, some might take a little while to make much profit, as everyones blinkered by theWC at the moment, and The business end of the transfer season is a little while away, but have patience ,and you have got in nice and early you will see some impressive green in that come summer.

  • @SMacFI
    I'm on Issa Diop and De Licht from Ajax although not free both young and being linked with moves this summer.
    Buying 10 futures in each player now as I quickly realised having 2 or 3 is pointless.

  • @Comrade I would be careful with players linked that dont play in the top 5 leases if the transfer dont come off there worthless and a huge drop, also if they do move, they then have to prove them selves so you could have 2 years to return any kind of value, theres players doing the business in the top 5 leagues that are the next starts in the making already doing the business now, Luka Jovic for example, and well below £1, sio i dont get people playing £1 for players not even here yet, that might not even get game time ofr another year if they did drive in the summer

  • @SMacFI
    Di Ligt is up 9p since I bought him.
    Already a Dutch International at 18 and every big team in Europe scouting him.
    Diop was 80p when I bought him and plays in France so at least he is in a top 5 league already

  • @SMacFI
    I'm down on Tarkowski have 2 futures in him
    And 49p down on Goretzka 7 futures held.
    Im Hoping both pick up.

  • Yeah there no doubting Di Ligts talent and lot of teams seems to be chasing him, just using him as an example to be carful with players out with the top 5 leagues

  • @SMacFI
    Appreciate the advice mate.
    I was going to get some futures in Justin Kluivert as well but thought he was a bit pricey.
    Missed the boat on him.

  • @Comrade definitely missed the biat. But there will be plenty more boats

  • @SMacFI
    Who is your next tip?
    Mine would be Di Ligt and I think Balotelli is good for a move. Talented player that someone will take a chance on for free even if he is mad lol

  • Sorry I'll rephrase my original question. I've already invested in my WC players too so a better phrasing is 'who have you invested for the WC and why?'

  • @Comrade I made a post about 6-8 weeks ago about Balotelli telling everyone to get on him, i got on at 95p , he is a free agent so has to move, unlike other transfers where people can get burned, he has matured from when he was mad, still likes the lie lite press love him so good for MB, he is only 27 years old player s peak at 28, i got so much sh!t on here for promoting him saying i was just promoting my own player pumping and dumping, i still own him at now £1.44, theres a lot of profit yet to come as ere no where near transfer window, hes even been linked to man u, imagine the MB value then. to all the people that gave me sh!t who's laughing now??! Dont tip so much on here now because of the shit storm it causes but every tip i posted is now up 15-20p and they were all bout at well under £1. I have no WC players, as simply it will be a bloodbath , my advice would be sell before the competition starts take heat profit you have, the risk of what little off 4p or maybe a 12p PB payment is a lottery, tehre will be upsets, and them players prices will drop so fast a few 4p and 12p abs wouldn't even cover the commission. thats just my opinion. But good luck to people that see there players through

  • @SMacFI People gave you shit for telling everyone about Balo?? Want to post these convos, always good to know who to avoid on Twitter.

    Was on am now off the train made a good £60.00 mind :)

  • @toaster-poster I dont really use twitter as it does my head in everyone gloat how much they have made. Other than try help people out with good shouts, and from what i have heard most guys that make shouts is only to self promote then pump and dump. i tried to find my original ball post a few times but must have been deleted. Every shout i made on here obviously I own the player I wouldn't think that highly to pit a shout out and not buy into him myself. and if i was smart enough to get in first why not then promoted to others why i think its a good buy, i always posted my thinking and reasoning for why i thought the said player be a good investment, people have brains on there shoulders, do there own research and make a disunion on all facts given. not sure why ball convo got deleted as i thought you could only delete your own threads

  • I am a bit to straight talking for some people, and I understand advertising my strategy of buying players under £1-£1.50 max , maybe makes people feel threatened am talking people out of buying into there strategy of expensive MB players so get anti with me. I put a lot of time and research into players that fit my strategy so am very confidant in my knowledge of them players, I know lot less about the expensive players simply because i dont follow there trends, so you wont get me commenting so much on them players , so anyone that thinks am trying to be negative towards there strategy to steal investors for mine, its not the case i simply pass on knowledge I am confidant about.

  • @SMacFI What i don't understand is why people would think you wouldn't own said player... Who's going to post i think so and so a good player but I'm not on them...

    Think we have very different strategies although am always on the look out for risers got Lovern recently up a few pence may try and sell after the city game if he gets close to a £1.00. At the end of the day, it's all about making money, plenty ways to skin this cat.

    Twitter more annoying for things like that seen players promoting people going to Newcastle 4 or 5 times a day, unless Shearer coming out of retirement whats the point...

    Oh well the non research players will struggle if the market slows down as everyone making money now

  • @toaster-poster You just cant please everyone, you will always get haters and jealous people. Its like when I tried to give people the heads up not to get involved with Zlatan Ibrahimovic, after he left for LA Gal, just pointing out hes worthless incase any new players thought he would be a good investment as so many are talking him up and making out he would be good for the WC, what a shit storm that caused. Anyways am not to fussed now, anyone that follows this should know i try and help out anyone with advice for new players or whatever so should know what am about

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