The only problem i have with Football Index

  • Is its contantly changing.

    Let me first put this caveat, I DO understand why, its a fairly new platform and a large part of the structure to earn dividends is trial and error.

    The goalkeepers as an example of a huge error to win Star Man they would need to make 50 saves. Im sure they will want to rectify that in the near future and rightfully so.

    But its difficult to invest in lets say Pedrinho for example. One Name player, talented footballer who could end up being a huge MB points winner in a few years time.

    Are they going to open up MB to German sources?

    will there even be MB in a few years time?

    Is it worth investing in Goalkeepers because there is potential to them to soar in value if they are turned into better PB earners.

    I sometime feel like its guessing which way the platform will evolve rather than what happens on the football pitch.

    I am happy to be here and overall i am very satisfied with the product. But having bought for example Pogba for 7gbp a share and stuck with him while he dropped to 6 and even reinvested along the way trusting his day would come once again..... what if the announcement reduces his value by half?

    I get nervous and anxious rather than excited that these announcements could end up moving the goalpost on pending bets i already have.

    If they changed the system radically it would almost be like having a bet on a team to win World Cup 2022 and by the time it rolls around the bookie changing the winning conditions of the bet.

  • Hence it's a gambling platform😉

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    I think currently we are all investing in the platform as much as we are gambling on the players.
    And that could be true for a few more years. My hope is it continues longer. As soon as everything is set in stone and it is main stream, that is when profits dry up.

  • If you react quickly and wisely to these changes then you can make even more profit

  • @Splurger_Dan I know but changing bets that have already been made is harsh imo. Itd be like betting on a team to win the Super Bowl next March and then in October the bookmaker announces they have to win each game by at least 10 points or it doesnt count.

    Again i am happy to stay and i am earning small but steady money which is more than i was earning long term betting on exchanges

    Just i get nervous about these announcements. I have deposited 3,000 gbp so far. I can only imagine what it would be like if i had multiple times that amount, i would be awake all night waiting on the big announcements.

    For the last month i have been buying Pogba, Sancho, Kane, Neymar and Rashford and bundesliga pb players with the divs so doing very well recently.

    Just worried what if the announcement one time is that there is no more Media Buzz dividends?

    Is that a possibility?

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    there is no way they cannot change the bet. they HAVE to. every div increase changes it, every review, everything that makes the site better

  • @Millonarios there is no way they would remove the ability to gain media divs, especially as that is the only way to make money outside of CA right now. I’m expecting there to be some form or extended bonus period or some bonus if you don’t take money out and reinvest, not sure how they would deliver it but they’ve handled this quite well up to this point so I’m confident it is going to be an announcement that will make us all second guess taking out or 8.25% bonuses

  • @Millonarios I wouldnt worry. As others have said I dont think it will be as huge an anouncement as they say. They are not going to do anything huge that could upset the market in this uncertain time. I'm guessing more of the same,bonus,media not much else. They will want to keep the money in the platform.

    Edit: tbf just by the anouncement of a huge anouncement they have got the market seriously stimulated. So clever really!

  • Only one problem! You are easily pleased or haven't looked hard enough!

  • @Millonarios Agree that the risk of change is very real and probably why this is gambling rather than investment. The key for me is rate of change. I think change is to be expected but it needs to be managed - that's why the January period hacked me off a bit as it was too much, badly managed and the comms were shite.

    The product needs to stay current though and respond to trader's needs, so change will continue and needs to be factored in to the decision making process. There are some big milestones coming up too, with order books, new territories and MB fixes (hopefully), and we just need to hope and pray that FI can deliver.

    At the end of the day this product is incredible and I just hope it's here for the long term.

  • @Millonarios True to a certain extent but if FI didn't/ hadn't of changed, there would only be Media with 22 players only, No PB, IPDs, Deposit Bonuses, Share split, Dividend increase. The list could go on. There were plenty of people complaining when they introduced G&As (now IPDs) which are now generally accepted as part of the platform.

    The best way to protect yourself is to diversify as with any investment/ bet. Don't choose the flavour of the month, and cover your bases. Some players from each league/ club, some Media starts, some youngsters, some cheap goalscores, even a few GKs.

  • @Millonarios

    The platform will always continue to evolve.

    It is a very different beast from when I first joined.

    The more the platform changes, the more uncertainty traders have, the more portfolios require to be restructured and the more commission FI make!

    It really is that simple. 🤑

    I learned very early on that the index does not want us to just sit on our portfolios for 3 years.

    It is in their interest (literally) to have the goalposts constantly moving.

    Just embrace it and once you accept the certainty of future uncertainty, I'm sure you will become less stressed about it. 🤣🤠

  • @Millonarios I get what you are saying but change and progress are good things in the long term. I do worry that constant changes deter the big investors from joining the platform.

    I do feel like I am trading announcements rather than football knowledge. I get around this by staying fairly diverse and having a finger in every pie. Announcements for me are a time to sell on a massive spike, rather than a time to buy.

    Nobody should feel anxious on here, it's meant to be fun. I hope the announcement falls your way tomorrow.

  • Couldn't agree more with the last 2 x posters, they both always talk sense and know what is going on.

  • Iv deposited 5g in and currently at 25% roi obviously not including comission. I can honestly say that if I can come out of this with my money back and perhaps a little bit extra I'd be happy.... I enjoy the ups n downs, the constant changes.... I actually rarely react to any, I just sit tight and enjoy watching the product grow. Just diversify your port, cover all bases and relax

  • gotta have a tenth in top gks

  • Sounds like you’ve put too much money into this if ur feeling anxious about losing it

  • No i am one of the lucky ones whose job is guaranteed safe once they are ready to reopen and it actually gets a huge surge in business during times of recession. And i am still getting paid in full while staying home.

    What i am worried about is easiest explained like this.

    I have roughly around 500 pound a month i can afford to put in here.

    Right now i am building a port of MB earners hoping eventually to own a few hundred of each so i can reinvest the dividends on other players througout the market.

    With the price of Neymar, Pogba, Sancho type players it will take months.

    And my fear is after all those months there could be an announcement of a huge announcement causing those players price to crash.

    I have woken up more relaxed about todays announcement though.

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