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  • Evening/Morning all,

    As a Leeds fan who watches every minute of their football just wanted to discuss JKA rise this week, think he's up 16p. Just wondering if there is anyone here that has bought into him? I'm curious to people's reasons why?

    I mean, from the minutes he's played since arriving I have to be honest, he has looked absolutely horrific. I appreciate he's used this time off to get in a little better shape than he was, but surely that's not the only thing people are buying on the back off? That hes lost a few pounds. He's only on loan and will be heading straight back even if Leeds do go up!

    I really hope he does come good, but as a Leeds fan I just really dont hold much hope for this lad anymore. Have you actually seen the 50 minute he has played since landing? He was like lost puppy, didn't know where to go, who to challenge, no composure at all. (I know its not a lot of time to make a judgement)

    Scares me a little bit that he is the same price as Mitrovic....

    I'm more than happy to eat my words when someone pulls this thread up in a few months time, I hope to god he can provide Lord Bamford with some assistance up there!

    What am I missing here

  • @216LAC That he plays for RBL, a team lying 2nd in the Bundesliga and through to the CL quarter finals, who put a promising striker out on loan at a top end tier 2 football team to get him football. The same club who will lose their leading scorer and could therefore open up a slot, could be the logic.

    Being a supporter of a club and seeing someone play live doesn't correlate to how investment decisions are made on here. The comment yesterday by the Spurs supporter on Aurier being a case in point, shit he might be to watch week in week out with our one eyed views but could be value in a FI sense.

    Good point on Mitrovic though who will play PB football somewhere next season.

  • @Harford-is-God not one eyed view he is toilet and cannot defend at all, just my view but fill your boots if you wish to invest or hold!

  • @THFC1972 Read the paragraph again, you keep proving my point.

    I've watched Jude Bellingham twice this season against my team, was waiting to be wowed given the attention he's been getting but didn't see anything standout. I'm guessing that I've seen him play more times live than the majority of the investors on here but does it put me in a better position to view him as an investment? Think other factors are in play don't you.

  • @Harford-is-God Not really main factor is that he is dreadful, good luck if you decide to invest thou!

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