Mid term no brainers

  • If you had £1000 To spend and wanted to get the most profit over the next 6 months which 3 players would you chose?

  • Mbappe, Mbappe and Mbappe!

  • @jonathan-rolfe it depends how you want to earn the profit and what your risk appetite is.

    Plenty of the top end will generate divs and some CA, but some are risky holds than others.

    PB friendly Bundesliga leagues will do well if they come back first.

    Or you could look at preparing for the start of next season and sell on the spike with players actually likely to get moves before the new season.

  • Players running out of contract. With not much transfer money in the kitty, Bosmans will be a priority for a lot of teams. Layvin Kurzawa, Viktor Kovalenko and even Adam Lallana all look tasty.

    I own one of the 3.

  • @Lukeroro had Viktor before and made good money, got off though as always worry of transfer to Turkey or russia

  • @MUFC said in Mid term no brainers:

    @Lukeroro had Viktor before and made good money, got off though as always worry of transfer to Turkey or russia

    I was a little worried about that but his emergence into a strong looking Ukraine team - think they finished 8 points clear of Portugal in Euro qualifying - and the whole transfer thing I mentioned above means I'm sure he'll be in a PB league come whenever next season begins.

  • @Lukeroro 👍 be straight on him if I here any news, quick Google every couple days and hopefully get on before a rise

  • Morning,

    Haaland- can only see him going one way. Seen a few games he's played in and he is an animal (I hold a small number).
    Moussa Djenepo- Talented attacking mid, 21 yo, stand out performer for Southampton on numerous occasions. Might put my bonus on him.
    Ollie Watkins- Loads of transfer spec, young, English, gifted footballer. Expect him to go to a big club in the not too distant future.
    Those three would most likely be my choice but there's some great options atm: Marcus Edwards, Saint-Maxamin, There was a podcast on Levi Lumeka at 40p young and has had a good season. Cant see him going backwards.

    Good luck!

  • @Puddle
    Totally agree on Haaland.
    If German league starts earlier and if there’s say German mb in near future, then this lad will rocket.
    No need for me to mention his potential future 1-2 years +.

    Just for the record I have a paltry 2 shares at about 3 quid 😁

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