• Hi all,

    New user here! Enjoying it so far but have a few questions I'll probably post over the next few days or so...

    So the first one...

    I've used Football Index on three devices so far. Computer, Android, and Mac. Added players to my watchlist on my computer but when I view the watchlist on my phone and Mac the watchlist is empty.

    Anyone else having this problem or know if there is a fix for this?


  • yeah unfortunately each watchlist is only saved per device

  • @NewUser85872 Thanks 👍

    That seems strange, surely it could/should be saved to the user profile, after all everything else is. Hopefully there will be and update for this!!

  • I only use one device and as of today I can't see anyone on my watch list? Maybe a bug?

  • Didn't realise there even was a watchlist on the iPhone app? Just use the computer internet page for my watchlist

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