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  • Morning all,

    On Monday I was contacted by the Football Index support team asking me to send in 3 documents to prove my address, bank card used etc.. Communication was good at this point with them explaining I needed to provide a different document proving my address as the first one wasn't suitable.

    I managed to get all that sent in by Tuesday, however, I have yet to hear back from them regarding this, even after further emails from myself asking what the situation is.

    Whilst this process is ongoing it disables you from depositing and withdrawing any funds, which then makes me believe they are deliberately delaying contact until the current deposit bonus finishes.

    I could of course be thinking way too much into it, does anybody know the normal timescale for this verification? Cheers

  • Banned

    It is usually very quick but has been slower since the lockdown, for obvious reasons.
    I am sure they arent delaying deliberately though.

    Maybe go on live chat and speak to them? Let them know you have sent the documents and want to deposit today

    You can find livechat on the help centre button

  • @MrWh1te Yeah good point, I will try the live chat, cheers.

  • The quickest way to have resolved is to ring them.

    This had happened to me before and they sorted it within 24 hours.

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