How Do You Guys Feel About The Announcement (Poll)

  • How does the announcement sit with you? Just what I expected to be honest. Until football resumes it was hard to see anything else but the status quo. Your thoughts welcome.

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  • What I expected but still wish they'd done something with the IPD's.

  • In terms of scoring it out of 10 for an announcment it sits about where I expected... I think continuing media was a given (they've worded it so it will be media madness even on match days... So of course there's the expected mistake.. Possibly)

    I expdcted a follow up trading bonus... But the lowering of thresholds for match days is better cos it lasts all season

    Prize draw... Not fussed or surprised by

  • @Dalian-Smith i was excited by an announcement but as it turns out this did nothing to excite me it was just meh.

    I think its great FI are offering these kinds of promos but I personally think the platform is way overdue a lot of improvements and i feel these things would be received a great deal better than these promos

  • @Black-wolf I agree on improvement but at the minute things are finely balanced. The fact the spreads are so wide is an indication of where FI may feel sentiment is at. Significant change I'd like to think will happen when things start to return to some sort of normality.

  • I'm pretty underwhelmed but it's what it probably should be. Just surprised they havn't put in a 5% deposit bonus but perhaps its good they have left that up their sleeves.

    Think we might have a fairly flat few weeks though until football resumes. As someone with a large cash balance it definitely isn't enough for me to re-invest.

  • @Ben_pz I think the reason for no 5% follow up just could be a bit of complacency on the part of FI. Given the global crises, both medical and financial, the market has performed unbelievably well. Unbelievable is not an exaggeration at all.

    Highly likely there will be dips in some areas tomorrow but maybe off set by re-invested bonuses. Anyway, my point is that the last month or so has shown that FI is virtually bullet proof. So maybe they dont feel the need.

    Also, judging by how the market has performed, they must be liable for an absolute fortune in the morning so I'm actually quite happy for them not to do a 5%

  • @MickTurbo Yes I agree, its certainly impressive how well the markets done in the circumstances. Positive sentiment is very high.

    I think we all know how quickly that can turn though when the markets flat. Mind you if Bundesliga does return on the 9th then that should be short enough time frame to keep things going.

    My one fear still though is a big dip when they re-open instant sell and I thought the best way to avoid this will be to do it running alongside a deposit bonus. Who knows maybe they will.

  • @Ben_pz they should be reducing the spreads at a rate that is barely noticeable maybe 0.25% per day or lower even. The spreads would tighten but not at a rate that would trigger mass sales

  • Banned

    @Black-wolf this for sure. I would be shocked if they suddenly closed them

  • @Ben_pz ppl will scoff and think I'm full of shit, but I'm not even bothered about that. If theres a dip cos IS opens then so be it. Just means my dividends will stretch further.

    The market is absolutely thriving during one of the most frightening and uncertain periods in living memory. If they open IS and it causes a dip I say good on them. If ppl are wanting out, or needing out then I'll happily have a few days of red, or blue as it is.

    Its rebounded from an absolutely fundamental threat (lack of footy) and it will bounce back from an IS frenzy which will probably last a few hours

  • @Black-wolf Yeah I agree it needs to be done very gradually. I think the question now is when. Do they risk opening up instant sell with 40% spreads when German football starts? Probably. Surely that spread is large enough to stop 99.9% of people panic selling. Then can gradually reduce

  • @MickTurbo Well it'll be fine for me also as I have 80% of a cash balance! so could benefit me but still wouldn't like to see it as it might be money that never comes back

    Theres 2 major concerns I have for the longevity of the market and my money being safe.

    1: Is FI going bust with my money along with it. As things are it seems thats fairly unlikely anytime soon (but we will never really know 100%)

    2: Is a big market crash that wipes a load of value off the market overnight. Now this nearly happened but FI turned off instant sell and stopped this happening.
    There will probably be no bigger hurdle than a global pandemic that stops football for months. FI have survived this (so far) which is extremely reassuring. I'm confident in the market again and I'm ready to put my money back in a just need a bit more incentive yet

  • @Ben_pz they need to do it so slowly that it doesn’t attract any interest, make it like watching paint dry. That way thise looking to sell will do so slowly and it wont become a fast finger exercise where even those not looking to sell do so in the hope they can get back on cheaper and make a profit, although that can be seen as good trading it still contributes to panic amongst traders and damages market sentiment.

  • They will sort the spreads - trust me 😉

  • @Ericali said in How Do You Guys Feel About The Announcement (Poll):

    They will sort the spreads - trust me 😉


  • @Ericali obviously they will sort the spreads. You dont need inside knowledge to confidently state that. That's like me saying they will re-enable IS with a wink emoji.

    Today you've been like a clairvoyant in Ireland asking if anybody has lost a Mary

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Ericali who would you suggest for a 2/3 month MB investment Kane or Pogba or perhaps someone else, got around another £500 to deposit before midnight tonight?

  • @THFC1972 purely a 2-3 MB hold I'd go for Pogba.

    One you have to time your exit on.

    I would personally go for a PB hold for when the football restarts, buy a bigger quantity & sell on a peak.

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