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    Sorry for cluttering up the forum and asking for advice.......was just wondering if anyone could give me a heads up on whether any of the following players are likely to rise soon. I'm going to deposit 500 later this evening to qualify for the bonus offer before it ends before midnight tonight....

    The players i have in mind are

    gabriel magalhaes from Lille, Apparently he is being closely monitored by a number of premier league clubs. No idea if he has reached his peak already though. Surely if he did move he would rise more .

    marco asensio - obviously had a huge injury last season and from what i know of him is equality player. Again no idea if he is likely to go higher than what he already is. I can see a few people have already bought into hm

    Ben Chilwell- Apparently move to chelsea is imminent and future starter for england. Yet again no idea if he has reached his peak already and again plenty of people have already bought in.

    Also just seen Robert Skov mentioned. Seems and real talent and also showing as a defender I agree will boost his value. Not sure if he will go higher though.

    The other player I was considering was Leroy Sane do to his injury last season but I'm not sure if I'm too late with him. I know someone on here said if Gnabry can reach 4+ then so can Sane.

    Can anyone recommend any of these players. Are they likely to rise even more? Are they worth investing 500 into?
    I have realised that in the past I don't have the patience to wait for really long term holds. I always end up selling and withdrawing the cash as I end up needing it. Not always ideal I know.

    Also.......I notice since last time I was on here the spreads of players are huge. Is this due to the current situation, or is that how it is now on here? That always tends to put me off.

    Sorry one last thing.......is there a filter to search for players who have significantly dropped in value? I'm not in this to make huge amounts of money, just more as a steady savings account, if that makes sense.

    Thanks folks. Stay safe.

  • @SJH101 I hold Chilwell and Skov for the reasons you mention; Chilwell I’ll sell on the transfer, and Skov is one of my PB likely players for dividends

  • @Sav2000 Is it worth buying chilwell at his current price to do this? what do you think he could rise to on the sale? I know this is impossible to answer but if you have an idea? thanks

  • Skov is too easy now. As a Def he has little competition (maybe Pavard, but Pavard didn’t hit a top score for months) in Bundesliga.
    With a Pb max of 276 he will compete every week, considering also that Hoffenheim has a easy run of fixtures coming

  • @SJH101 said in Potential players:

    if Gnabry can reach 4+ then so can Sane.

    Not sure that really follows; Gnabry broke the PB scoring record with PB 483 (1/10/19 - 4G, 1A, 1.25x) when beating Spurs in CL (had the 1.25 multiplier but I think it would have been a record even without it) & has won 13p in dividends so far this season. Afaiui Sane is really poor at PB scores & ultimately a players price is determined by the dividends they can win, so whilst his price might rise with FOMO & hype if he can't back it up with dividends there's no reason it should stay high.

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