• Could someone shed some light on this for me please...........since I was last trading on here before christmas the spreads were not as big as they are now. Are they likely to get smaller again once the football properly gets back underway, or is this how it is now on this platform?


  • They will gradually reduce back to what they were once football starts up fully again. They are currently like that to stop lots of instant selling and to ultimately protect the platform and your money for the future.

  • They are there to protect the market during the current crisis. Market is healthy and Market Selling is working very well

  • @Erased-Citizen . Thought so.....thanks for clearing that up.

  • @NewUser455434 . Ok. Thought it was due to the current crisis but just thought i'd ask. Unfortunately my past experiences on here have highlighted the fact that I really don't have the patience to hold on to players for a very long time, and I frequently used the instant sell option, even though It cancelled out any profit or even led to slight losses........stupid I know. Bruno Fernandes was my biggest regret. I had about 100 shares at one point at around 4.5, and got fed up of the 'is he, isn't he going' speculation. So yeah when I saw the huge spreads now it kind of freaked me out a little.

  • @SJH101 It will hopefully help you learn to use market sell. I was down 250 pound from beginning in October to December from Instant selling.

    I dont even notice the instant sell value anymore. May as well have lit money on fire at least i would have been warmer. I IS'd Gnabry very cheap.

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