Rodri Name Change

  • In the process of renewing a large batch of futures bought two years ago and noticed 'Rodri's' name has changed since I purchased in the transaction history. I've sold a few under Rodri but bought 'Rodrigo Hernandez' way back when he was at Villareal which is confusing matters when I group buys and sells.

    I guess this was related to his MB at the time.

    I'm thinking of asking FI if they have players reference numbers whuch would be consistent if there are others whuch this also agfects, so is anyone aware that there are and if so, which players?

  • Emiliano Buendia became Emi Buendia and his entire price history was lost from the site when that happened.

    Erling Braut Haland (with accents I think) became Erling Braut Haaland and the same thing happened.

  • @Coleyscrooge OK, thanks. I think FI need to add ref numbers to the player names to make it easier.

  • It seems that FI take the original shares and give you new ones, valued the same and under a different name.

    So does the 3 year life expectancy restart?

  • @Lukeroro I wouldnt have thought so, I seem to remember reading that the 3 year limit wasnt renewed when they did the share split last year so dont see why they would in these instances

  • @Ddr makes sense

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