Wilfred zaha...👍or 💩

  • One person I can't decide to buy or not.🤔
    My gut is dont bother, Sofascore stats aren't best among others who are similar.
    I can't see him going to utd,chelsea,Arsenal as the rumours who they are after.

    The guys 27 obviously the best player at palace if he moved to a better side he could rise...@2-08 down from a pre march spike up to 2-30ish.

    Does he only have transfer rumours going for him or could he genuinely be a £2-50 up player for a better team???

    If you own why or if you don't why not.

  • My personal opinion is that he's missed his big transfer opportunity now and therefore I don't see much growth in him, if any.

  • He's poor IMO, at a big club he'd see half as much of the ball, and he'd get told off every time he'd try something and lose the ball, whereas at Palace they're happy for him to try stuff and lose it as he's their main hope of breaking a team down

  • He seems to be a player that is rather unliked by fans. Mainly because he’s particularly good at getting penalties against teams, and appears to perhaps go over a bit too easy. My thinking is that if people don’t like a player, they are more likely not to invest, as there’s much more appealing buys out there.

    I would naturally compare him to Pepe, as they are the same nationality and similar playing style. Yes Pepe is more expensive but there will be more buzz around Pepe once his second season starts as people will believe that he will kick on, and do really well.

    It’s true that Zaha could rise if he gets a transfer, but given the current situation I think teams will be more inclined to buy young players rather than expensive late 20 year olds who have not had good history when making the move up to bigger clubs.

    If you’re really interested I’d wait for a bit as he’ll surely drop before he rises again. Money to be made but all about timing.

  • There is of course the argument that when he plays for palace, he’s always going to have two/three opposing players on him when he gets the ball, as he’s the danger man.

    If he makes the move up to a better team, with better attackers then opposing teams can’t focus on him as much, so will get more room.

    But as before, my opinion is he’s a risk, and as someone has rightly put he may have missed his chance for a big transfer

  • I hold, and for what it’s worth I think he’s a class player, fast, strong, and with and end product. And as someone mentions above, I think he’ll fit into a much better team, won’t have to do it all himself. He just needs that move, can’t argue he’s better than palace surely (no offence if you’re a palace fan).

  • @Doug-s
    Solid hold for me and could rise if the transfer speculation starts again.

  • @Chilling-Rick @NewUser143236
    He needs a team with a on form striker I feel , to pass to and them actually score giving his work an end product.

    Benteke has been and was my biggest FI guilty pleasure i held him but bloody hell he was/is frustrating as he can't score.

    I'll hold out until the season gets going again

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