• Can anyone shed some light on the sudden drop in price, before I jump all over it please πŸ€™πŸ»

  • He's seen as a very safe hold, so people going for the bonus will likely have piled into him, and are now listing. Nothing in the real world suggests there's any reason other than that.

  • @kristiang85 that’s what I thought, just needed some confirmation he hasn’t decided to go to China for 10m a week, cheers

  • I was surprised he was my biggest casualty from the sell off. Up 2p this morning already only need a couple of media stories and he'll be good.

  • @LittleFish with Kane and pog as my w biggest holds I've took a bit of a hit but it simply does not matter as I've only held for about 5-6 weeks so dont need to worry about selling. Both still very comfortably green and will keep giving me divs.

    The boost from the post announcement reaction last night then the buy up of Demirbay, parejo and others this morning still meant that I'm at an a time high

  • @MickTurbo I've a 1000 Pogba too. My biggest worry was Bruno but he hasn't faired too bad. I'm down 0.83% on the 24hr so nowhere as bad as previous post bonus days.
    My port will look much better when the bonus pays out πŸ˜€

  • @LittleFish yeah mate, I dont hold bruno but I think you may have endured the worst of it. Hes definitely a worse hold when hes not playing but even though the EPL may still be some way off returning, the fact that Germanys return is seeming like a go'er will be re-assuring ppl that footy WILL be played again and corona will one day be a memory, so guys like him will start to look a better proposition. Hes still not for me at that price personally though, in a utd side chokka with other MB threats

  • @LittleFish you're down on 24 hours????

    Even after the drops and losing 0.5% as a result, I'm still 1.5% up from this time yesterday morning

    We all knew this was coming though and I'm certain that you're experienced enough to see through the smoke and stick by your picks.

    Forget about the platform for a few hours and get out and enjoy the shnshine, by the time deposit bonuses are paid out and reinvested I'm sure you'll have an upturn πŸ‘

  • @Ddr don't get me wrong I'm very happy. Most of my loss is Kane and a penny or two here and there. I'm massively up from a week ago. When the bonus hits I'll smash my all time profit. Who needs football haha ?

  • @MickTurbo I started buying Bruno at Β£4.95 so not concerned at all. He's a keeper for me as I like my divs. All the soft money is out of him and to be honest I'm surprised he isn't a little lower as hasn't hit much MB the last few weeks.

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