Players to shine at the World Cup....

  • Obviously one of them has to be Neymar (if fit) but here are a few that might catch our eyes....


    Any others?

  • Lo Celso

  • Isco/Asensio for me,

    Can see Pogba being hyper-motivated for this as well

  • I think Isco aswell. Got a point to prove and with a team that Spain have got, he’ll shine

  • My money is on Isco & Pogba to shine...

    Could we even see a Spain vs France final?!

  • Son-shine :-)

  • @Chicken-Badge - Very nice ;)

  • @AndyP32 agree with all apart from willian & vardy cos he might not get many minutes. Interested to see how the likes of Asensio, Fekir perform.

  • @NewUser115475 I don't see Fekir getting in the team tbh... Might be wrong but think Griezman will play in the CF CAM role

  • If we're talking PB here my top three would be Kroos, Neymar and then probably Isco, although there's a few up there with him. Kroos is going to be a pb beast, Neymar will score a hat full and as people have already said, Isco looks set for a huge summer. Spain should be a pb machine and there's a few players in their midfield eg Koke, Silva, Asensio on that will get big scores. Isco has the biggest goal threat so gets the nod, although I fully expect Asensio to announce his arrival on the world stage in the summer.

  • Pogba, that second half performance yesterday will do him good.

  • Jahanbakhsh. Top rated player in the Dutch League. Surely he'll standout playing for Iran & a move to one of the top 5 leagues will follow??

  • Now this is an old ish post now, and most that know me will know am pretty anti WC players for there inflated prices, however after a few conversations tonight, I have had my eyes opened to a couple of players, or more so players that have gone under the radar that haven't suffered inflated prices, So anyone entering the WC bus late, and feel they want to be part of it and get involved, On looking deeper into it, there s actually a few players i was quite surprised that are not yet effected by the inflated prices, and still at the same price they have been trading at, in other words shouldn't take a hit on there over inflated prices when get knocked out, so low risk. Will keep my pros on them brief this message is already long enough as it is, but we all know by now to do our own research on any players mentioned. Juan Cuadrado, scored high in PB (91p), Degio Reays (68p), are transfer heavily linked to replace De Vijl at Lazio, Bruno Fernandes (1.05, strong links to liverpool that dont seem to be going away, and a PB monster, 2 scores of over 250 in 2 europa games if memory serves rightly, Acuna (60p) heavily linked to Juve, Switerlands main striker Haris Seferovic 52p just wanted to make the pontoon there is still a lot of value out there.

  • Isco for me.
    Going to World Cup and then after that his usual transfer rumours.
    Chuck in the fact he is still in Champions League value there too.
    As Si says Reyes good as well. Mexico in World Cup he will play and a Bosman transfer as well

  • My startagy is the low end of the market trying to find value, as i like that i can get 4x the futures for say players of Isco value, not taking anything away from your suggestion or people that hold expensive MB players, I found operating around the £1-£1.50 end of the market its very low risk high reward if you get it right. get it wrong, they cant drop lower so you lose the commission price baling out.

  • @SMacFI
    Very sound advice.
    Reyes is a good shout.
    Isco is my most expensive player.

  • There should be a lot of transfer speculation surrounding him all summer, so for a player of that value, i cant see him drop, so i would say low risk in that sense, but I will hold my hand up to having much less knowledge on the top end of the market

  • @SMacFI
    Anyone that has funds that is not on Reyes really needs to ask themselves why am I not on this train.
    With regards to top end of market I have plenty of knowledge but prices are to steep

  • Not on this player myself due to the fact my money is tied up elsewhere but Son has plummeted.
    He is going to World Cup with South Korea might be worth a punt at the moment if he continues to fall

  • I fancy a lad called Cristian pavon for Argentina he looks classy

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