Ericali opend a door for fi to change

  • So following on from yesterday some would say master stroke some would say rat , me personally don’t really care if you can’t think for yourself then should you be playing with money . This is Every man for himself at the end of the day , I wouldn’t do it myself but I’m sure his shares would’ve sold anyway pre (HUGE ANNOUNCMENT) so should fi look into having traders profiles ? If anyone has ever used eToro then I’m sure you aware of what I mean and for the people that haven’t you can basically search up a trader and see what open trades they have going , their profit loss per month over the last 5 years , full transparency would be great for new users .

  • @Lloyddavies wondered about this myself. Does it not also allow you to shadow traders? Basically an autopilot where you can copy someone trade for trade on your own scale?

  • @Black-wolf yes exactly that mate I’ve seen so many new users come to eToro and the only reason they stay is because of that feature although it lazy it’s genius that in a way a lot of people have money to burn but don’t want the hassle maybe just taking the profile side of it would help introduce new users to stay after registration

  • @Lloyddavies would let them learn without having to learn through mistakes which costs money

  • @Black-wolf definitely even if they wanted to watch certain people offering them advice from the forum before indulging , building trust in the fi comunity will be good for fi , investors and the forum

  • @Lloyddavies only issue i can foresee is how do you know how much your purchase or sale will affect the market price therefor very hard to judge your profit margins. You could buy 500 of a player and because of your shadowing traders he immediately jumps 10p so you arent actually in profit at all and if people join your portfolio later how do you know what is actual price movement and what is because of your own trades. You could think you are 20p up on a player only to sell and find out you made a loss because you caused a number of synchronised sales. At the moment we now how much of affect our own trades have on prices to an extent but if they did what etoro does they would need a different mechanism behind price movement

  • @Black-wolf
    Yeh mate I thaught the same thing that’s why just the profile side of things would be steps forward not the shadowing side as I think the shadowing side would cause market manipulation

  • Even if FI didn't do it as an actual thing, nothing stopping anyone starting up a Thread on the forum and wrtting a bit about themselves, info about port, trading style etc etc and then getting it pinned to the top of the forum in the same way the all things football index thread is. Then anyone can add to it if they wish to as an when.

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