Eredivisie Cancelled

  • Eredivisie cancelled:

    UEFA could technically boot them out of Europe next year although I think thats unlikely given their softer rhetoric of late.

    No Title winner no relegation but in regards to Europe Ajax and AZ Alkmaar are in champions league qualifying and Feyeonord in Europa if ratified by UEFA

    Interested on opinions on whether this is good or bad for dutch holds?

    Personally hold Steven Berghuis who was in the sell que. Took him out as now I think his move is even more likely but I'm not sure why. I guess more time for Raiola to sort out his move! Also I imagine this is going to be bad financially for Dutch clubs who are generally selling clubs anyway.

  • @Ben_pz why who is even interested in him

  • @MUFC Roma and Everton were the last rumours. Ajax as well though.

    Publicly stated he wants to have another bash abroad. He tried to leave last summer and was persuaded to stay for another season.

    Has probably just had the best season of his career, scored 17 goals and had 7 assists this season.

    I imagine there will be plenty of clubs that are interested. Also has Mino Raiola as his agent which always helps.

  • Nonsense decision. Thankfully I only hold Van De Beek and Malen. VDB should hopefully get a move to a PB league and Malen is certainly one for the future once back from injury.

  • Looks like Ziyech could be in England for the remainder of the EPL sounds like an amazing decision if he can play. Totally not a biased answer from someone who's team would totally not benefit from that at all!

    But on a serious note, it has to be a nothing decision really. Pretty sure there is little money in the Eredivise so no pressure from broadcasters to continue with the season, second 'lower top league' to do it with Belgium already doing it i believe? I still think the big 5 leagues will continue and so might CL/Europa but the quicker we get definite answers the better tbh.

  • @London-Is-Blue doubt he could player as tied to Ajax until June isn't he?

  • @MUFC Seen rumors they are talking about getting him in now instead. Most likely buying out his contract imo, with Pedro terminating his contract 3 wingers is not enough to play football with really especially given the injury trouble we have had this year.

  • @London-Is-Blue how many wings do you have at Stamford bridge

  • @MUFC said in Eredivisie Cancelled:

    @London-Is-Blue how many wings do you have at Stamford bridge

    Depends how hungry you are & if the pre-match meal is all inclusive 🤷

  • @Ericali wouldn't imagine you'd be all inclusive with the enemies you have made in the last couple days 😂 how's the tin hat

  • @MUFC water off a ducks back 👍

    Tin-hat is holding up. 😂

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