New to this - is my thinking right?

  • Hi all,

    new to this and i think this is a really good site for profit.

    Any tips would help but I have done my research on who to buy and why to buy them, I am just wondering if I am on the right tracks or if anybosy has any tips?

    I have not put much money in yet as I am seeing how I get on

    • Salah - is a no brainier, will get you Buzz points often, will be Egypt's main man in the world cup and Liverpool have a good chance now at the CL

    • Ruben Neves - Wolves almost certainly promoted and with links to other clubs surely he will rise? Potential world cup starter too?

    • Jesse Lingard - If England have a good world cup he potentially will be playing well, always in the headlines, he is only going to get better

    • Terence Kongolo - This is only because I am a Huddersfield Town fan, he is on loan from Monaco and he something else trust me, he is cheap and I expect he will be amonst the world bests, so this a long term investment

    • Matthijs de Ligt - potentially a big money move to the prem? 50mil+ move?

    any tips haha

  • @NewUser138708 said in New to this - is my thinking right?:

    Terence Kongolo

    Your on the right track mate, you have clearly good knowledge and done your research, I have said for a while now Salha will enter the £10 club, for me i can justify paying that price. Not sure who moving to Madrid will erect his price, but thats not confirmed and ages away.

    Ruben Neves, overpriced unless he gets a big move, if he stays with woles his price will drop IMO, just look at the price of the average players in teh teams promoted last season.

    Linguard , am gutted i missed out at £2 had no free cash think he will hit £3 maybe more if has good WVC have a feeling he will be starman for england.

    Kongolo know nothing about, was going to buy some myself after your review then realised he was a defender, they have a lower ceiling, but at 52p you cant lose, and if he goes back to monoco will go up in value if hes as good as you recon eventually, so but off a slow burner there.

    ligt, no denying his quality, but i neve buy players out with the 5 top leagues, as if a move dont happen you get burt big time, at 18 he might have to sit on the bench most season to get his break, theres players under a £1 doing the business in there break through season already, so no gambling o a transfer, or waiting for them to break into first team )Luka Jovic for example and he's a striker so should be worth more.

    Not to cause a shit storm i wont tip names, but my tip would be hover up the free transfers that are out of contract now while being over looked by the wc,, all still dirt cheap, come transfer window time and the WC cash floods in to the next trend of transfer window, there price will shoot up. However thats just my opinion, and my stratagy is based on players under £1.50, so theres obviously other strategies others could advice you getter on than me

  • @NewUser138708 it's getting a bit late in the performance buzz season but otamendi and parejo have been pb machines historically

  • @Noirx4 %100 agree, if you want some PB players, like Noirx4 said its getting a bit late, so they could drop value over the closed season, will Valencia repeat there amazing season or will it be a one off, Otamendi will have the WC so would have no worries about buying into him, will Parerjo start for spain ? i know little about international footy, but hes dropped a lot lately so maybe not a huge risk at current price

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