Guerreiro (£1.55)

  • Due to work commitments couldn’t be on the app when bonuses were paid so currently looking through some of the Bundesliga players that didn’t take as much of a rise and was interested in guerreiro:

    • Good pb scores
    • Could be reclassified as a defender
    • Still only 26
    • Euro 2021 with Portugal

    Seems underpriced to me but relatively new so might be missing something. Any comments before I chuck my bonus money into him?

  • There is a young striker at Frieberg, and I do hold, Gian-Luca Waldschmidt who is getting some good review. He is slightly more at 1.68 currently. If you go onto the Bundesliga official website (its free) they are likening him to Podolski. At 23 and below the 1.70 mark there is, I think, room for an upward rise especially if the Bundesliga is to start early May ish.

  • I'm not to sure on him. Only because his classification as a midfielder now.

    His PB scores look great, however I think he top scores were from his defender days.

    I have alot of good Bundesliga prospects though that are similar to Guerreiro:

    Max £1.25 (hold)
    Klostermann £1.22
    Hakimi £2.50 +
    Lucas Hernandez £1.06
    Akanji £0.89 (hold)
    Angelino £1.68

  • Thank you both!

  • I hope so, I managed to get in at 1.44

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