Andrea Petagna - 24 years old - Forward for SPAL (on loan from Napoli) - 92p

  • Another player I don’t currently hold but am interested in. Once again I might see something in a player that doesn’t translate to the platform though.

    Been playing for lowly SPAL for the last 2 years in Serie A although he got a transfer to Napoli for £15m in January 2020 before being loaned back to SPAL for the remainder of this season. They are currently 2nd from bottom.

    I checked out his stats for SPAL which I thought made very good reading especially for a side that are very far from being prolific (they have only scored 20 in total this season!).

    2018/19 season - 36 games, 16 goals
    2019/20 season - 25 games, 11 goals

    He has also represented Italy at every level from U16 to Senior international.

    Now I guess his price going up all depends if he becomes first choice for Napoli next season. He will be competing against Milik for the loan striker role. Though this all depends on Milik even being there next season as there are many clubs being linked with him. Maybe Petagna was signed by Gattuso as a direct replacement knowing Milik is off in the Summer. That would obviously be the best outcome as far as any Petagna buyers would be concerned. Either side of him could be 2 of Insigne, Mertens, Lozano, Callejon or Politano. Think almost everyone would agree that is a different level of supply line to what he’s currently getting at SPAL.

    So my reasoning for suggesting is if, and it’s a big if, he can become first choice at Napoli he could in theory score a hatful seeing as he will be fed far more opportunities making his current price of 92p look very small. At worst he transfers to another club and continues to bang them in so hopefully not too much downside on him.

    Sorry for the length of post!!

  • @JonesyFI-WH bought him with some of my bonus... Has several positive factors... Still in dip so will recover value if/when serie a is rumoured to start again... And transfer at end of season I suspect

  • Last of my bonus has just gone on him and a top up of Diaby 👍🏻 Fingers crossed bids start flying in for Milik.

  • I watched him a few times this season and he went unnoticed for large parts of the game but in a decent team like Napoli he could score a fair few goals. He is a big lump and could be a decent player.

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