• Hope people dont mind my asking for opinions.
    This is pickling my mind.
    Want to invest an initial £250 into one of above 3 players and drip feed £25 a week into same player for a LONG term 2 to 3 years..WHO??
    My arguements with myself are,
    GREALISH-lots of transfer speculation,cant see him being at villa much longer,often in papers for one reason or another,possible England call up.
    STERLING-Plays for one of best attacking teams in Europe,often in pepers etc,slight worry,if he did move would probably be abroad so might lessen appeal.
    ALI,Again often in headlines,seems very cheap compared with others,probably based on a quiet season under Mourinho,but dont see manager being there long term.
    Advice greatly appreciated.Martin.

  • It’s a tough question as they all have certain appeals. For me it would be Sterling as he’s majorly underpriced at the moment.

  • Sterling or Ali for me both have more potential to increase and better players

  • @MARLAN honestly feel like these are terrible picks for your strategy. Sorry! All reasonably expensive but don't return much divs.

    Grealish recently £6 basically priced as if he's guarenteed to transfer to Utd.

    Alli is just such a bang average FI hold... Doesnt win pb... Wins the odd mb.

    Sterling has poor yield cos he's high price and hasn't won a dividend for months

    Of the three I'd choose Sterling cos he should be one of England main men at Euros and WC and I think he wins more divs than the other 2 so more likely to benefit from growth that comes with div increases.

    I think you should extend your shortlist tho... Find someone under £3 who is under 25 and less risk attached... I. E. Doesnt have a transfer already priced in buy may have a positive transfer... Have Euros and WC too... Has either mb or pb appeal or both...

  • I've actually went for Sterling, graph looks right so won't take a great deal to go up. still feel its risky though, but thats half the fun.

  • Sterling seems to have reached near his bottom, which is due to his poor form (and Man City’s poor form- mainly due to the loss of Laporte) prior to Covid-19 being factored into his price, so the risk here is when is he going to rise again. Worst case scenario you’re sitting on your money for a while waiting for the rise, best case he hits the ground running once PL returns and has cap app (to hit around his peak) and divs.

  • Think Sterling is the best bet under priced compared to others has had a brillant last couple of years but faded in the last few months this rest may well do him good.
    Ali is a funny one fantastic player on his day and still very young at half the price of Grealish and Madisson he seems a shoe in but for some reason still does not convince me.
    Grealish I think is massivly overpriced and to me is a big fish in a small pond personally think he will stay at Villa if they dont go down and if he does go to United I think he would struggle to get a game.

  • @THFC1972 said in GREALISH,STERLING OR ALI ??:

    Sterling or Ali for me both have more potential to increase and better players

    Got to agree with this. I hold Sterling and Alli but ive never held Grealish and understood the excitement. He’s a decent player that i feel looks better in comparison to the players around him but in a better team theres a possibility he is even better or he blends in with the crowd. Im just not sure of Grealish at all and hes always been too expensive for me to take the gamble

  • Sterling is certainly underpriced at present and could rise significantly if he can rediscover his form.

    Grealish will keep rising steadily IMO as we get closer to the Euros. I agree he may not leave Villa this summer if they stay up, but that'll just increase his MB yield over the three year bet as speculation continues. As and when he does move he'll be a good PB performer in a better team too, unlike the other two.

    Alli it's hard to know. He's got talent but will it be realised at Mourinho's Spurs any time soon? A gamble but could pay off. I can see why he's cheaper than the other two tbh.

  • I do hold Ali, which pains me as an Arsenal fan but it’s best not to let that get in the way on FI.

    I think the main problem is he’s quite easy to not like as a footballer, as he seems to fit the mould of making it too soon and focussing more on sponsorships etc.

    But I do hold as he’s still young, has a goal in him and will likely play at the euro’s/WC.

  • Recently read an interesting article in The Athletic (link below) which completely changed my opinion on Alli as a hold and I have since purchased a decent chunk.

    I’d recommend reading the article in full but by providing stats on Dele’s positions played and his output from each over the last 5 seasons, it seems he may have been a victim of versatility. He’s an out and out 10 but often played as a LCAM (we well as CM/CDM/ST) in Poch’s narrow 4231 which has somewhat stunted his production of goals and assists. There was a significant uptick in these stats initially under Mourinho who seems to like him and plays him as a 10 when the option presents itself. His expected goals in this central role are 0.46 in the 19/20 season which I’d imagine would rival many of the top CAM’s in the league and a goalscoring midfielder with a fully fit Kane (I don’t think he has been fully fit since the world cup so the current pandemic may actually benefit him) in front of him to me has a great shot at PB. Unfortunatley with injuries to Kane, Son etc this hasn’t been feasible towards the end of the season and again he seems to have suffered. I get the impression that in a fully fit Spurs squad with Dele at 10 we may finally see the player he was in those first 2 seasons. I was surprised he’s actually only 24 as he seems to have been around forever and to me he may well be a sleeping giant.

    Somewhat of a pump as I do hold but perhaps read the article and let me know what you think (if you have a subscription, which I would highly recommend).

    Mark my words...Grealish will be £6.50-7.00 in 6 months

  • Going for one player is kind of a shit or bust strategy. Some people are happy do that and that’s your decision. If you are undecided, why not buy all three and spread the risk?

  • Would probably only go for a £5+ if your guaranteed some MB atm. Lots of smaller priced players out there that have value

  • @Friedeggs Maube true, but where will Sterling or Alli be in that time frame? Freakish is the most expensive hold so the price rise needed for a proportional ROI growth is greater.

    I’ve got a chunk of Alli which has been a disappointing hold but like Sterling he has definitely hit his bottom and can only really go up now.

    The other option is to find the next wave of English attacking talent. A year ago JG and Madison were a fraction of their price. I’ve back McNeil and Eze but plenty of option, just depends on your risk appetite on the spectrum of Proven performer to Potential.

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