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  • So just reading article released by talk sport boris realeases plans to undergo remainder of the season in three weeks , what we thinking guys bullshit or is there a chance of thins happening . Seems too soon in my eyes

  • Wow that’s brave

    Care to share the article mate ??

  • @Lloyddavies

    If the government are expecting people like myself to return to work in non-essential environments then I expect football to start at the same time.

    Social distancing will not be adhered to in a retail environment like the one that I work in. We can't control colleagues approach to hygiene and how who and how they interact with others outside of work either.

    I walk to work but in my employer's other stores people will use public transport. The risk of infection/accident in and on the way to and from work and therefore requiring medical attention is no greater proportionally than the odd injury in a football match that requires medical attention. The government are even asking for people to go to A&E and wanting elective surgery to happen. There could be accidents on building sites etc or whilst people are doing DIY having bought stuff from B&Q everyday. The person holding the TV camera etc can do his job and be paid or be furloughed forever.

    Coronavirus isn't going away anytime soon. Why should we be allowed to meet up in groups of ten but not have football?

    I'll repeat, if I'm working in a luxury shop then I expect football to be on. We all need to find ways around it and I can hazard a guess that football contributes more to the economy than my employer. If thousands of people are dying on the street and the NHS can't cope then of course football needn't be played. However if we are managing it and NHS workers (Who I always express my gratitude too each time they save my daughters life) who we are expected to bow to every week (They do get paid at the end of the month!) are dancing around then footballers can run around and provide us with joy and interest.

  • I think it's about time we started adapting to the virus,after all adapting to situations is a key part of survival.

  • Games being shown on live TV (free) to stop people congregating at homes who only have BT or Sky.

    I like it.

  • If you google “premier league restart” there are multiple articles (from proper papers too) about a possible June restart. It’s being discussed at least.
    With a vaccine over a year away minimum, probably a year and half, we are gonna have to learn to live with corona. Watching football matches with empty stadiums seems like it will be the norm for some time.

  • End of June is more likely. Can’t see any games being played before then.

  • I hope they lock us down and the borders until August and make sure we get top side of it before we consider anything but hey ho, when do we,as a country ever do anything logical. Always seems to be an after thought/copy others! We just always seem to choose the worst examples to follow. By August we should be alot further down the line, schools could fully open again in September with less risk! The economy will recover but many many people's health will not.

  • @Dan-w what is with self hate in this country! You want to slag someone off try CHI-NA 🙄

  • @Splurger_Dan no self hate. Just realistic. The nhs are stretched more than ever, why even consider releasing lockdown to potentially add to their load? And as for China, they can suck a dick!

  • @Dan-w they'd probably eat it if you gave them half a chance😂

  • All eyes will be on the City vs Arsenal game on 17/6 but the actual first game is Sheff Utd vs Villa. I've been scouting about for a bit of value here and come up with Lys Mousset. 75p down from a high of £1.14. Practically 33% down. No IS available on him at present which is a concern. @Stevo weren't u his number 1 fan. What can ya tell me about him? Why are there no offers. Why has he not bounced at all? Has he just been forgotten about?

  • @MickTurbo he had a purple patch around November time last year scoring 4 goals in quick succession but has gone without scoring since.

    Think he’s currently 4th choice striker (maybe 3rd vying with Billy Sharp). Wilder appears to favour the hard working front man so David McGoldrick starts most, with McBurnie his back up.

  • @JonesyFI-WH cheers mate, yeh he wasnt getting a huge number of minutes, I actually rode that spike a few months ago virtually to perfection, but looked at him today and was very suprised there was no IS given they're the first game back, there will be rotation, they have a chance of europe and he was pretty trendy not so long ago. I've bought a few anyhow mate, for better or for worse

  • @MickTurbo I think hes got potential to be amazing as seen in a 5 or 6 games spell around October time when he scored 5 in 6 or something like that. I had 2000 at 43p and sold half at the peak for about £1.30.

    He doesnt seem to be able to complete 90 minutes and I think a lot of people look at his spell at Bournemouth when he was poor goals to games wise but I think he's worth a quid for sure.

  • @Stevo I started having a closer look because of your mentions and he does have a bit about him, bit of a punt I suppose

  • Looking forward to seeing all my bang average middle of the road sub £1ers soaring in value during the course of next week. I mean it’s gonna happen right?!

  • @PaulM who's your biggest sub £1 hope in the PL mate?

  • @JonesyFI-WH

    I feared somebody might ask!

    My more respectable (?!) purchases include Bellerin, Ward-Prowse and Perez. A good player below peak, a set-piece fringe England player with a move in him and a player who should be in Europe (Spanish attention) but if only he was played in his correct position for 90 mins.

    Solanke is a real gamble but if he did score the goals to keep Bournemouth up. Mata hinted at a renaissance pre-Covid and could gatecrash media on a quiet day.

    Wilshere (Literally makes one pass then surely the media & traders (?!) will fawn), March (a set-piece taker who could get snapped up if relegated) and Lazaro (On loan, at Euros, never quite settled) are among the others I dare say out loud. I know a couple aren’t spring chickens.

    I’ve got a few others (Mainly dippers) around the continent who I’ve selected for fundamental reasons eg: Europe, Euros, injured, re-emerging links). I’m sailing against the wind but it’s my nature. Sancho and the rest don’t do it for me! I was interested to see even FI refer to cheap players as riskier bets but think there’s potential rises/peaks inside three years. I know there’s concern about IS but I’m not too worried at the moment. Loss of IPD would be a concern as can eat into chunk of cost. I’ll admit that I thought more money might drip down PL. I could’ve got away with buying these guys a lot later for more potential IPD.

    If by any chance my portfolio makes you choke on your cornflakes, I did make a brave £60 on some Ighalo ME magic if that helps me restore credibility!

    Oh and sorry, you asked for one hold!

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