Leandro Paredes

  • I think it is hugely underestimated compared to what age and potential are, what do you think? Can its price go up
    up to £ 2.50 by the start of next season

  • @NewUser487937 Agree with all except £2.50. That's stretching it. Good player though and some transfer spec occasionally.

  • @NewUser487937 Funny I was just looking at him yesterday as a possible purchase. He’s undobtedly talented and has performed well in the games he has started but I think any increase in value will be based on whether or not he can 1) break into the PSG starting 11 or 2) transfer to a team where he’ll get more minutes.

    At 25 he really does need to be playing more minutes but I think if either of the above happens next season he could easily double as he seems to suit the PB matrix.

  • I think he has a lot of potential. Not sure he'll be at £2.50 by the start of next season but certainly plenty of growth if he can nail down a regular starting spot. Interestingly, he has started and played 90 mins in PSG's last 2 games, the latter a crucial second leg game against Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League.

    With a PB average/max of 97/265 and PB dividend returns of 16p, I think he's one of the better value players in his price range.

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