PB Players sub £1.50 (MID + FWD)

  • Hi All,

    Just wanted opinions of some quality Midfielder and Forward PB holds in the sub £1.50 mark. Have been looking around using SofaScore and come across some decent players, but Ive only really been invovled in the 'PB' game since maybe 5 months ago or so. Still learning.

    Feel free to shout out any you hold, or dont hold but would like to, or even any avoids! Both Pros and Cons would be great!

    First one that stood out was Santi Cazorla. At 35 he still played many games for Villareal and seems to be the heartbeat of the team. Frustratingly never held due to age and was always worried about his injuries, but always seems to be up in there competing for Mid PB when he plays. Payet (age) was another.

  • Both good buys, Cazorla on watch list and Payet is one I bought with bonus money
    . 0_1587887765390__20200424_235716.JPG

    Reckon he's 1.20ish next time he kicks a ball. Serious pb contentder.

    Cazorla 30% down... But that little bit older... I'm waiting to see if there's any summer news on him.

  • I went for Johannes Geis of Nürnberg. He’s a snip at 0.47p! Nürnberg are struggling big time but he’s one of the best players in the division and I can’t see him staying at the club past this summer, he’s far too good for another season in the second tier.

    He’s also apparently been linked to both Dortmund and Wolfsburg so he’s definitely one to watch over the summer.

  • Just off the top of my head would have to do some in depth research for yourself but I’m sure just before all this suso was putting in some good scores

  • @Leclerc I'm a Payet holder check his gragh out as @Vespasian32 suggested good PB potential, ipds (if games get crammed into a couple of months nice), and the fact he's got a potential +20p rise since the drop.

    @Lloyddavies Suso is a good shout pb powerhouse but, he was a troublesome hold due to the rest of the Sevilla team he has to compete with but he definitely should be a £2+ player

    @JV96 Mr J Geis is in my portfolio ready and waiting, bet Schalke are gutted he had a hard time there didn't play and shipped him off, hopefully he'll sign in a PB league next season 🤞

  • @Doug-s payet I think is a good hold always looked but never followed through in buying as I like to buy 1,000 holds to achieve decent divs which I think works well but when it comes to selling can take couple days I’m more long term holder 2-3 years I aim for, which is why I struggle to pull the trigger on older players

  • Yeh Payet I remember always challenging for PB. Seems a top shout. I know hes slightly over budget but what about Ilicic?

    Are there any very good PB FWDs too?

    Regarding Geis, 49p is really good, but worth it only if a transfer happens (it should do!). Its more so the cheap PB punts Im after, guys like Cazorla, Payet, Moutinho, etc.

    Any more is always welcome :)

  • @Doug-s I think he’ll stay in Germany but he won’t be short of offers from Bundesliga sides! I wouldn’t actually be surprised to see him in the PL tbh.

  • @Leclerc ifcyour after a bargain check out Timo letschert @18p he's my biggest hold 230 at
    Hamburger SV in same side as Kleindeist @67p who everyone is also raving about in Bundesliga 2.
    T Leibold is 50p aswell in defence alongside letschert @18p and G Jung @18p (who I don't hold if the they get promoted atleast 10p+ rises 🤞

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