Average growth per week:

  • I track my port's growth week by week, I note down the true value change and the percentage change,

    So far, in 2 months exactly - my growth is 3.19% on a £880 port.
    Best week - up 4.44%
    Best week (£) - up £37.30
    Worst week - down -2.31%
    Worst week (£) - down -£19.80

    (these weeks were when COVID blew up, slightly bad timing to invest lol)

    Average percentage change per week:
    up 0.33%

    Average value change per week:
    up £2.73

    Does anyone have an average goal per week/month ? Some of port is massive dead weight (Cheryshev, Moutinho, Bednarek)...hence the low figures

  • @NewUser573360 I dont really set to many goals because I think it can set you up to fail and make you look to short term. There will always be ups and downs so I like to take a long term view and set a conservative 12month % and if I reach it before re consider. When I started I thought well if I can make 10% that's much better than a savings account and I'm enjoying it, after 4 months I was at 30%. I then added more money trippling my investment and severely reducing my ROI which was demoralising🙈. I now just have a figure in mind I want to be up to by xmas.

  • Only target I have is 40% profit withdraw get married then return and start again 😜

  • I reckon I’m growing about 2” round the middle every couple of days during this lockdown.

  • I'm aiming for 1% a week on a five-figure portfolio this year. On track so far.

  • Depends what night of the week it is.

  • i have been on here since Jul 18 One of the best things i did on here was to set up a daily tracker to monitor total profits.

    I never got round to it until October last year but it is always useful to look at trends on how your port performs during a typical month / week and trends tend to emerge.

    I was able to trawl though my post history on here and in other mediums to get a good idea as to what my port value was at points prior to me setting up the daily tracker so i now have a record running from Jul 18 to today albeit the first 14 months are more summarised.

    going back to October 19 my weekly average is roughly 0.84% based on my overall port value today



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