• Apologies in advance, as this is no doubt a stupid question, but asking anyway as I’m unsure. Have FI done anything with IPD’s with football being off? What I mean is, if you buy a player now, does the 30 day window begin, or does it not begin until the first qualifying league kicks a ball? It most likely begins and they’re effectively off the cards with everything else going on, but wanted to check as noticed on a few threads people suggesting players to buy now with good IPD potential. Cheers.

  • @wolves86 said in IPD’s:

    does the 30 day window begin

    Same as before, starts now (on day of purchase), obviously most pure IPD players can currently be picked up cheaply, as they have no income stream, so might be worth it in future capital appreciation terms by getting ahead of the curve, as when they get confirmed restart dates IPD buyers will start returning en masse, leading to price rises. Uncertainty about the dates of various resumptions is kind of a slow game of chicken!

  • @NewUser159387
    Makes sense, appreciate the reply 👍

  • @wolves86

    Every time they do a promotion in the FAQs they seem to be quite clear that they won’t amend IPD’s and that all the offers they’ve had eg: cash back/media compensate for this.

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