• Now that the dust has settled after the bonus payment and yesterday's cash drop, do traders expect a surge of further purchases of Bundesliga players once the German government give the ok to a May start?
    This should happen next week.
    Alternatively, do you expect a mass listing of Bundesliga players, should the government not be happy with football resuming?

    My personal view is that the Bundesliga will be the first back, it just seems to be a matter of when.
    I also believe there will be a further wave of purchases once we know it's definitely coming back and what date.
    If it's back in May, we're talking 5 place media bonus along with the enhanced match day dividends.
    Opinions please.

  • @Dronny-Gaz any positive news about resumption should see more purchases and certainly more around the actual time of the games say May 9th or 16th for example. If there is negative news that it won’t be back for a bit later than that there will most likely be drops, however it is still the only league that is realistically looking to continue soon and is still going to be the first league back so I’ll be holding and topping up whatever the news is and drops will likely climb back up when good news comes

  • @TDOG
    I am reading it right aren't I? 5 media place days throughout May, irrelevant of whether there are also match days to earn from?

  • @TDOG

    I only signed up just before football stopped.

    Is it very much the attitude that traders are buying into the Bundesliga with the intention of getting in then getting out quickly?

    I’ve bought a lot of German based players by accident more than design. They’re often young and potential players at the Euros. I guess it’s case by case and if someone looks like a good long term hold with plenty of PB then I keep but if someone’s gone up say 50% just cap app then maybe try and sell... but what if they’re the next big thing, maybe a surprise package? But I guess that’s the age old question. I don’t want to see everyone double in price, not sell then they plummet never to ‘get high’ again!

  • Yes.

    The chances of an early return is built into prices. If its confirmed they will almost certainly fly. If the government pull the plug on it then people will try and get out and prices will fall.

    Self fulfilling prophecy. People know others will buy or sell (depending on which it is) to get in before everyone else, others will see that and buy/sell so fulfilling the prophecy

  • @Dronny-Gaz

    Yes, they clarified this in a tweet. Media and Match Day until end of May.

  • @PaulM
    Initially I got into Bundesliga players because of how well Bayern, Dortmund and Leipzig were doing in the Champions League and the next rounds were to be Gold Match Days.
    Now coincidentally, some of these players will have potential transfers or links over Summer, then there's the Euros next year and the World Cup in 2022.
    That's a lot of boxes to tick.
    So I'd see these players as long term holds.

  • @mike778
    I don't think people will rush to get out. Irrelevant when, the Bundesliga will be the first league back, so the reasons for initially purchasing remain the same.
    Coupled that a lot of these young German players are good long term holds.

    Oh and IS is out of the windows and spreads are still wide to bail out.

  • It feels like it's been pretty obvious for a while now that the Bundesliga will be the first back. A return in 2 weeks still seems optimistic but when they do come back, be it 2, 3, 4 weeks etc then I'm sure Bundesliga players will see another spike.

    Some people will use it to sell but I still envisage more money going into those players than coming out as people will have felt starved of PB football for so long. Assuming no other leagues jump forward with their plans of course.

  • @Yellow
    You'll have a surge for IPD and you'd think the Bundesliga players would get a good chunk of media attention, being 'the only game in town'.
    Particularly English players or players with transfer links to English sides.

  • @Dronny-Gaz said in BUNDESLIGA - THE RETURN(NEW):

    You'll have a surge for IPD and you'd think the Bundesliga players would get a good chunk of media attention, being 'the only game in town'.
    Particularly English players or players with transfer links to English sides.

    Each team have 9 or 10 games to play through, so in terms of IPD/PB opportunities it will be interesting to see how fixtures are scheduled. If we only have the Bundesliga on then we'll never get a Gold Match Day because there would only be maximum 9 games on any day, but I wonder if they're more likely to go down the road of a handful of games a day to reduce workload on essential services, and get more games on TV to maximise the entertainment of all the bored people stuck at home. Could be football every day, like a World Cup! Meaning a lot of Bronze and low threshold Silver Match Days to look forward to, with matches scheduled all throughout the week.

    All hypothetical but I'm very interested in how it all plays out.

  • Best get checking the next round of German fixtures and identifying the pb beasts amongst them, should be fairly predictable 🤔

  • As said in OP, Bundesliga looks like being first back so the rockets will come. U only have to look at my signature to see I'm hoping it's as soon as possible, but if the govt knock it back and the prices dip, I'll just top up even further because they will be first back so it would only be a minor irritation

  • Couple good young holds with potential to become good pb players at the right club, max eggestein at weeder Bremen, likely to move on in summer if weeder go down and Dortmund been linked and wolves in last window. Next one is Arne Maier, been likened to Toni kroos in style and controlling of games, been linked to numerous clubs and asked for transfer in last window

  • @MUFC
    Just out of curiosity, what from the Post title or initial statement gave you the idea that I was looking for pumps of players?
    Your signature is there for all to see.

  • There will be another surge on Thursday if football returning is confirmed. I think it'll go mental again around the 9th May. You've got to remember that no other league will restart in May so it's all going to be about Germany. We're even going to have it on TV in the UK. People will go mental for it.

  • @Dronny-Gaz just out of curiousity, what made you think I was pumping them to you, it's a bundesliga thread so thought put couple potentials to get on. When I want your sarcastic reply I'll ask for it 👍

  • @MUFC
    I was genuinely interested. You must have read the topic title and gone on to read I was looking for opinions.
    How you would then make the leap from that, to I'm gonna pump my holds who MAY become PB beasts IF they get a move to a DECENT club fascinates me.
    If anything, it's made me less likely to look at those players.

  • @Dronny-Gaz you put a couple of these German players are good long term holds so thought chuck out a couple and my reasons for why they may be decent holds 👍

  • @MUFC
    That was a reply to @PaulM about Bundesliga players in general and him wondering whether he needed to be planning his get out strategy or whether a lot of these players were potential long term holds.
    Misunderstanding I guess. Do you have any thoughts as to how things will pan out with the Bundesliga players?

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