Leon Goretzka

  • Opinions appreciated on this one
    I'm down 9p per future on this guy but I'm not panicking and want to hang on to him.
    If he makes the World Cup squad and starts of well next season at Bayern surely his price will go up.
    What would u do, cut your losses or hang on to him?

  • %100 hang on to him, for all the reasons you just said, you answered your own question there really.

  • @Comrade Like @SMacFI said, you’ve already answered your own question there. 9p a future isn’t really that bad and you said yourself you were looking down the line so why sell? I think if you have a long term plan and you buy on that basis, you can’t react to the short term and initial reaction when it’s a way to go yet. I know it’s nerve wracking seeing a player go down in price and to think it’s best to cut losses, but this is how stocks work and you already mentioned enough reasons to ride the wave. If you have belief enough to make those purchases then stick to your guns and try to see it out if thise initial reasons still remain 👍

  • I'm Currently slightly down on him. If fit he is a dead cert to go to the world cup. He played alot in the qualifying campaign before his injury. This guy is a class player, box to box and scores goals even at international level.

    Before he decided to sign for Bayern(starting next season) all the top clubs in Europe were after him. He is young and will be a starter for Bayern next season.

    Compared to the other German midfielders that are potentially going to the world cup I think he is a bargain. HOLD ON to him you won't regret it.

  • @Gary2907 Yup i was even thinking of buying into him at his current price, as recon he would hit £2.50 at BM but then got put of as someone said he wont be a guaranteed starter, could be wrong,, but he will get a lot of game time and his early PB scores were very good, still think he will be well over the £2 next year. I will probably look back and not buying in now, but theres so much value out there at the moment just cant buy into everyone. Good luck with him

  • Thanks everyone

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